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10/29/2009    3:59 PM

The automotive world has always known only two variants of the E34 M5 – sedan and touring… until now. As recently revealed to select journalists during a 25 year M5 celebration, BMW has actually also built a convertible E34 M5 and was all set to put it into production. Unforutnately, just a week prior to its scheduled Geneva debut, the powers that be at BMW nixed the convertible M5 out of fear that demand for non-M5 convertibles would eat into 3 series convertible sales.

I wonder what other secret cars BMW has built but is keeping inside its vault

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10/29/2009    1:59 PM

1addicts members just can’t get enough of their real cars and have setup a racing league on the new Forza 3 game. They have even uploaded a virtual 1addicts decal in the storefront vinyl groups for application to the cars!

10/29/2009    11:30 AM

Photoshop guru Jon Sibal takes a crack at rendering the F10 5-series. We’ll know soon if it’s accurate as official pics are expected by Nov. end.

10/28/2009    8:10 PM

This new M-Sport kit which is said to include a full cosmetics kit as well as a mild power upgrade and subtle massaging of the suspension as well has been spied road testing once again. The car was previously caught at the ring undergoing more serious track testing and now that the car is doing road testing, the kit is likely very close to production. In fact, the package is likely complete and ready for sale and is likely awaiting the marketing nod to go to market!

Looks great, go BMW!

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10/28/2009    7:30 PM

The hairdo experiment featuring a model illustrates 22 years of progress in BMW automobile development. Facilities such as the new Aerodynamic Test Centre enable engineers of the BMW Group to improve aerodynamics at an early stage of the development process so as to make a contribution to increasingly efficient vehicles.

10/28/2009    4:50 PM

Here are some more photos of that blue E93 facelift M-Sport. Now with the top down. This car should make its official debut soon enough!

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You can see the previous set of top up photos here: http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=315348

Source of these photos is: http://www.spyshots.nl/SpyShots/Het_…erie_Cabriolet

10/28/2009    11:00 AM

A one-off lightweight E60 M5 CSL was unveiled today at BMWs Nurburgring based prototype workshop. This car was built to commemorate the 5-series 25th anniversary. Albert Biermann, BMW M divisions head of development summarized the car as "the M5 CSL we never built" (though we would have loved to see it earlier and available to the public). Source: Autocar via bimmerfile

Mechanical changes include a heavily tuned version of the M5s 5.0L V10 motor. The V10 motor has been enlarged with a longer stroke result in a total volume of 5.5L, which is the largest displacement ever featured in an official M car. The engine also now features a carbon fiber manifold, increased capacity … CONTINUED

10/28/2009    8:15 AM

Spied for the first time here is a facelifted E93 M3 convertible. The biggest exterior cosmetic change so far appears to be new LED tail lights.

from http://www.autoweek.nl/autonieuws/12…trekt-de-benen

10/28/2009    6:51 AM

BMW has its whole "Joy" marketing campaign as you may know. Part of that has been an artist promotion in Romania. Alexandru Mirea came up with an interesting take on BMWs Joy, namely Origami!

He chose to work on his favorite BMW, the BMW Z4, and about 4000 paper cranes.

15 Days and 5 All nighters later, here is the result..

Source: http://www.automarket.ro/stiri/video…man-25989.html