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04/02/2014    9:00 AM

Catch our coverage from the 2014 Techno Classica Essen.

There is a reason why I LOVE attending the Techno Classic in Essen… it’s all the cool classic cars! Yup, the quality of the cars on display here and that fact that all the major German car makers are here – at the factory level, makes this show a MUST SEE event each year. It’s the worlds largest classic car show(so says Siha, the organizers) held in Europe. I believe it. I always have such a great time here.

It’s a wonderful car show. You can find anything car related here: cars, car parts, tools, artwork, cars for sale, model cars and toys for big boys and small one too! And its always nice to … CONTINUED

03/23/2014    1:00 PM

BIMMERPOST tours the National Auto Museum of Italy, in Turin.

I had read so many good things about this mega museum and it did not disappoint! After the Geneva Auto Show, I headed South to this museum(and to a few other museums) thru Monte Blanc tunnel. That tunnel crossing was the most I have ever paid for a toll, 43 euros one way! But there really isn’t any other way around that mountain range.

I was really impressed with this museum! I think it’s worth any car lovers time – if you are in the area. So many cool Italian cars on display. Something about the buildings architecture – that reminded me of the BMW plant in Leipzig.

Parking was a little bit difficult – … CONTINUED

03/07/2014    5:00 PM

The very first BMW Art Car, a BMW 3.0 CSL, designed by American artist Alexander Calder, will be a key highlight of a class of BMW 3.0 CSLs at the 2014 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. The class will include both the winners of the 1975 Twelve Hours of Sebring and the 1976 Daytona 24 Hour race. BMW Group Classic will showcase the heritage of the BMW 3 Series in a display that will feature a first-generation 3 Series in the US, the 320i, as well as the first BMW 3 Series Convertible. The BMW 320 Turbo race car, driven to multiple IMSA wins, poles, and track records in 1977/78 by racer David Hobbs will also be a highlight. On display throughout the weekend will … CONTINUED

02/15/2014    7:00 PM

This Museum is in the sleepy town of STAVELOT. The Spa Francorchamps race track is down the road from here a few kilometers. I guess my words of wisdom would be not to expect much. The museum is decent, but it is small and on the grounds of an old Abbey. There are also a few other museums located in upstairs in the Abbey. One of which is a puppet museum. Needless to say I did not visit it.

When my GPS guided me into the Abbey’s parking lot… I really thought I was in the wrong place. Because its in the middle of a small city/village – and its in an old bricked building/Abbey.

I have always wanted to visit this small race track museum. … CONTINUED

02/09/2014    6:00 PM

When my good friend Rudi aka gs/e60/1m? first told me that there will be a huge Porsche exhibit on display in Brussels – I knew I just had to go for a visit! And I am so glad I did!! Never before had I seen such historic cars landmark cars from Porsche! A lot of the cars were on loan by Porsche Museum, but there were also quite a few cars I had NEVER seen before. And as you guys know… I do get around to most every cool automuseum in Germany!

I think Autoworld deserves to be on any car lover’s radar. If your in Europe/Brussels… I highly recommend this museum.

My plan was to drive up to Brussels (on the last weekend of the … CONTINUED

01/10/2014    2:40 PM

Hagerty, a leading insurance provider for classic vehicles, has named the F10 M5 as a future classic. They have this to say about the F10 M5:

“A performance-oriented sedan with an old school manual transmission is quickly becoming an extinct species. While more drivers shun the thought of using three pedals, we applaud BMW for keeping this option alive in this segment.”

12/25/2013    6:00 PM

It’s hard to believe it had been two years since we last visited Classic Remise in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since then they parted ways with the Meilenwerk group and now just call themselves “Classic Remise”. I must say there is something about this place that I just LOVE! I think for anyone car lover worth his salt they should come visit this living museum. The famous Nürburgring is not that far from here. Most of the cars here at Classic Remiseare for sale. Some are even for rent – to use!

While most Germans don’t have the luxury of an extra garage… Classic Remise is a place(just as the Meilenwerk is in Stuttgart) where you can rent a space for your classic car and not have … CONTINUED

12/07/2013    3:45 PM

BIMMERPOST moderator David visits the Pantheon Museum in Basel, Switzerland.

The building was smaller than I was expecting, but it still had plenty of cool cars (~80 or so) inside. This place would make a great detour on the way into Switzerland. They have a nice restaurant as part of the Museum and garage storage. From what I could tell most people use this hall to store their classic cars. But the “Pantheon” does own a lot of the cars on display. In fact they even rent out some of the “classics” for weddings or special events. You can even rent the place to hold a dinner or group event inside the museum.

Overall the Pantheon made for a nice stop on a great drive into … CONTINUED