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10/04/2011    4:50 PM

We bring you our coverage from this past weekend’s Bonhams auction at the BMW Museum, featuring some of the rarest and unique BMWs you have ever (or never) seen. Some of these cars included rare one-off concept cars, such as the 1969 Spicup, Formula racing cars, touring race cars, M1 race car, 328 roadster, production cars, and some unique BMW paraphernalia of times past. This is a must see photo gallery in our opinion!

07/24/2011    1:37 PM

Josh Clason produces an excellent series, Depth of Speed, focusing on man’s relationship with the automobile. This recent installment captures one man’s (Sky Lund) lifelong obsession and love of the iconic BMW 2002. His passion and attachment to his 2002 is something we all wish our cars would allow us to develop.

The cinematography, story telling, and visuals of the beautiful inka orange 2002 is amazing in this piece. And, we dare you to not want a 2002 of your very own after viewing the feature below.

07/11/2011    9:38 AM

Just in time to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the BMW Group’s international cultural commitment, the legendary BMW Art Car Collection can now be seen for the first time within a virtual video tour on the Internet. For the first time, an extensive virtual overview of the origin, history and development of the collection is available on the Internet. In addition to extensive photographic material, a film has been devoted to every single one of the 17 “works of art on wheels”, each of which was designed by an internationally well-known artist. Historic racing footage and artists’ statements as well as renowned representatives from art and culture are to be seen. The BMW Art Cars can be viewed at www.bmw-artcartour.com.

“After four decades and a … CONTINUED

07/04/2011    3:10 PM

Photo tours of anything BMW related is always fun to see, but one containing nearly 400 photos is rare. Check out this mega photo gallery of the BMW Welt and BMW Museum, courtesy of one BMW enthusiast from Oman.

05/26/2011    3:45 PM

Here’s the best photo tour we’ve seen yet of the BMW Classic Warehouse, officially named the “Mobile Tradition.” Some of our 1ADDICTS members were invited to tour the warehouse and had free reign to snap photos. That they did, without shyness. Check out this most impressive collection of BMW automobiles and motorcycles inside.

05/19/2011    9:00 AM

The BMW M1 still looks as modern and fresh now as it did when it was originally painted by Frank Stella in 1979, and now its going up for grabs at auction

The car in question is a 1979 BMW M1 which was commisioned by racer Peter Gregg to be painted by artist Frank Stella. This was infact a private owner commisioning the painting of the car, but BMW officially sanctioned the custom work. So, while it is not in BMW’s official collection of Art Cars, it is considered one of them. That makes this car that much more unique, as it would represent the only Art Car that is not in BMW’s possesion (aside from the fact that only about 500 M1′s were made).

The Guggenheim Museum … CONTINUED

04/15/2011    7:00 AM

Dackelone once again brings us some great show coverage, this time from the Techno Classica Essen show where BMW brings out many of its finest classic and vintage cars. Check out the full large gallery inside.

04/09/2011    7:00 PM

Quality in automobile construction can only be created where tradition and progress are combined.” The idea of BMW Group Classic can hardly be expressed any better. And even this idea has already developed into a tradition. The concept originates from a BMW advertisement to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the automobile – 50 years ago.

BMW Group Classic coordinates all the activities of the BMW Group which are associated with the history of the company, its products and three brands. The relevant classic activities of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce are unified under the auspices of BMW Group Classic. The platform is formed by the classic mainstays of museum, archives, club support and the BMW Centre, as well as event organisation and specific classic communication. Classics from the … CONTINUED

04/09/2011    12:00 PM

50 years ago, BMW had a revolution. It was the initial presentation of the BMW 1500 at the IAA in Frankfurt, a car that began BMW’s so called “New Class” (Neue Klasse).

The New Class was a new line of compact sedans that began with the BMW 1500 and ended in the late ’70s with the famed 2002. The New Class vehicles were the ones who really established BMW for what it is known today, namely small sporty cars. BMW’s skill with creating such cars was instantly reflected in the popularity these cars gained and helped BMW become a true international car brand, with a large number of exports reaching the United States of all places.

BMW 1500 celebrates its world premiere.

Resplendent in virginal white, one of the … CONTINUED