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06/22/2013    2:30 PM

A few months ago, I flew home to the East Coast (Washington, DC) to visit my family. While there, a good friend of mine suggested I go visit the Simeone Auto Museum up in Philadelphia, PA. I had never heard of the place. But, I am always up for a good auto museum. So… off we went to Philly. I thought if nothing else… we would get in some tasty cheese steaks.

The Museum is relatively new. I think it opened back in 2010-ish and in 2011 it was declared one of the best automotive museums in the USA! What I really liked about the museum was EVERY car ran. Everything. The staff starts up the cars every week… and they even encourage people to come … CONTINUED

06/20/2013    7:00 AM

Photos from the 2013 Beverly Hills Concours d’Elegance held on June 16, 2013.

06/18/2013    9:30 AM

Road and Track shares their top 7 picks for the best 3 Series / M3 ever made.

06/12/2013    10:00 AM

Petrolicious presents this video feature on a BMW E30 M3.

There are no substitutes for an E30 M3, and for Gabor Mester, no ordinary M3 would cut it. Gabor had his heart set on the specific M3 that started him down the path of BMW: a car that belonged to the parents of a childhood friend. Walking through his friend’s garage one day and spotting this M3 instantly turned teenage Gabor into a car guy, who from that day forward took every possible opportunity to see and even wash the car. The dream of owning those ’80s flares, boxy lines, and a screaming S14 came true after many years (and a bit of convincing) when the car was ready to be handed to the next generation … CONTINUED

06/09/2013    1:47 PM

It’s always interesting to hear the history of the BMW M3 rehashed, but even more fun when you get to see them all together. Even more than that, we get to hear and see them all being driven in this recap of the BMW M3′s evolution, from E30 to E36 to E46 to the E90.

BWS Motorsports’ Marc Norris takes us through the generations.

P.S., if you’re interested, here’s a chart comparing the technical specs of all M3 generations [tech specs chart].

06/04/2013    12:30 PM

In 1989, Randy Balingit-Hartmann bought the first BMW M5 brought to San Diego and has owned it ever since. As someone on the shy side, Randy wanted a car that fit his personality—one that was fast and powerful yet unassuming. In all its unassuming four-door glory the E28 M5 is often overlooked, but this sedan packs the same amount of power as Ferrari 308 GT and if not respected will surprise you in the turns of your favorite road. Randy has had this car through the ups and downs of life and has put over 400,000 miles on it with no major problems. Dedicated to the M5 for life, Randy will continue driving it the way it was meant to be driven with its detuned … CONTINUED

06/03/2013    9:30 AM

Odd comparison huh? Well, this race is part of a segment by Auto Express in which hero cars of generations past are stacked against some of the more mundane offerings of today, to see whether the hero car’s performance has stood the test of time.

05/28/2013    10:45 PM

BMW put on one unique light show at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este by way of a vintage five-cylinder BMW radial engine powered Klemm L25 airplane.

This light show will undoubtedly perpetuate the common myth that the BMW roundel symbolizes a spinning airplane propeller blade – from the days when BMW built aircraft engine in the early 20th century. But, as we’ve reported before, the roundel has a different origin. See the second video below where Kai Jacobson, BMW’s in-house historian explains the true origin of one of the world’s most recognizable logos today.

05/26/2013    5:30 PM

A great pictorial of the Technik Museum Sinsheim in Sinsheim, Germany. Opened in 1981, it is run by a registered association called “Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim e.V.” which also runs the Technik Museum Speyer.