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04/03/2013    12:10 PM

Czech artist Andy Reiben was commissioned by DyCom Group, a BMW Dealership in the Czech Republic to create this F30 3 Series Art Car, which is expected to join the previous 17 official BMW Art Cars.

“Fluidum” is the name of his creation and it features a candy/psychedelic paint scheme with portions which glow in the dark. This is what Reiben has to say about the philosophy behind his design:

“I wanted to abstractly express passion and dynamism and therefore each part of the body is different and tells a story. On the front hood there is the birth and taming of the power, right and left sides express the balance of power, day and night; the rear part symbolizes resistance and the roof sinuosity and barriers … CONTINUED

04/02/2013    10:59 PM

Ashley Rodriguez, an amateur train photographer, has owned over 15 E28s in her lifetime. As a former trained BMW tech, she has spent her time buying and fixing various 5-Series models. She has owned every E28 model available, and as a lover of rare things, she now has her dream car, the M535i.

03/24/2013    9:37 PM

With the 2 Series coupe set to make its debut later this year (production begins in November), BMW may be sending out teaser signals with this recent video.

03/01/2013    12:00 PM

The Wye Dean rally in a Ratty BMW 325i, by Chris Harris.

02/24/2013    1:45 PM

We take a tour of the Maybach Museum, by site moderator Dackelone (David):

I must say I am not really a MB man. I am into BMW’s as you all know by now. But I have been hearing about this Maybach museum for quite some time now… and when I heard they have a special exhibition of Glas cars on display (only) until 05. Mai 2013. I just knew I had to go!

The last time I saw some Glas cars was at the BMW Museum. Here is a link to that coverage of mine…

The museum is located about 45 minutes (East) outside of Nürnberg (Nuerenberg) on the A3 heading towards the Czech border, before Regensburg. IF you are in the area… its worth a visit.

The museum … CONTINUED

02/21/2013    10:45 AM

Via XCAR: BMW only ever made one proper supercar: The M1. It’s a slice of rare automotive legend and one that we had to have a deeper look at. Caution: features porno music and velvet.

When you think of 70′s supercars you tend to think of Lamborghinis and Ferraris – big, wedgy things that make a lovely noise and go very quickly indeed. You don’t tend to think of BMW, do you?

We can’t blame you for that. It’s a brand that isn’t really synonymous with supercars. Fast saloons, yes, but a supercar? Well, in the late 70′s BMW did indeed produce a supercar, the M1. Very few were made and its development is fraught with delays, financial troubles and moving goal posts.

It’s such a shame … CONTINUED

02/17/2013    6:10 PM

Well…. I have been meaning to go to this small museum for quite some time. Everyone always told me how nice it is. And it is/was!! Finally last weekend I was in the Stuttgart area and decided that I must go for a visit! A fellow 1Addict Bob (Smellthebeans) and I went on this adventure to visit the Boxenstop Museum. Tübingen is less than an hour’s drive away from say the Porsche or MB Museum or downtown Stuttgart. I would highly recommend visiting any of the above auto museums.

Trains, cars, ships, airplanes, steam engines, dolls, toys… the Boxenstop Auto- und Spielzeugmuseum. Had it ALL! You will feel like a little kid again. This place was really quite small but in every corner of the room, … CONTINUED

02/07/2013    9:15 AM

Per BMW: The first BMW 3 Series followed the successful and sporty BMW 2 Series in 1975. It is the beginning of a success story, that continues to present day. This is how it began.

01/29/2013    3:45 PM

Bet you never saw an Isetta like this before! Well, neither have we. The three-wheel Isetta was never much of a performance vehicle, until now…

What you see here is more engine than car, featuring a 1959 Isetta essentially strapped onto a superchaged Chevy V8 502 cubic inch engine putting down 730hp, with just two gears on its manual transmission. Forced induction is handled by a BDS supercharger and the powertrain also features twin Holley 750 CFM double pumper carburetors, and Zoomies exhaust headers that shoot flames 4 feet long.

The Isetta dragster adds to its inherent Bavarian-ness with a M3 suspension system and comes with dual circuit disc brakes, AP balance bar, chromed five spoke front wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich G-Force tires. The rear wheel … CONTINUED