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01/24/2013    9:15 AM

Check out this video feature on not just one e24 Alpina but two of these incredibly rare machines. How rare you ask? The e24 Alpina B10 3.5 is the only one of its kind that exists in the Western Hemisphere and is one of 14 that are known to be left in the world. It is a rare sight to see one of these cruising down the street, but seeing one together with another e24 Alpina is a whole different ballgame.

01/22/2013    10:52 AM

BIMMERPOST moderator Dackelone documents his visit to the Panini Motor Museum in Modena, Italy.

I first heard of this museum like ten years ago! It’s taken me that long to find the time to go for a visit! I shouldn’t have waited so long. This is one of those private car collector museum’s that you just do not see anymore. It is way off the beaten path. The Panini Museum is located on a farm called: Hombre. Even when I had the address I kept thinking a car museum can’t be located here!?!? Mr. Panini’s family invented the famous Panini sandwich machines(they grill both sides of a flat sandwich) that you can find in use all over Italy and the world.

I heard a story … CONTINUED

12/27/2012    2:40 PM

Part 2 of the 2012 Year in Review from BMW, revisiting this past year’s concepts, designs, and historical moments.

11/20/2012    11:28 AM

Touching the exhibits in a museum? Normally that’s a big no-no which you ignore at your peril. But as we all know, forbidden fruit is the sweetest – and that’s why the BMW Museum is opening its doors on Friday, 23 November for the fifth edition of its “Night of the White Gloves”. From 7 p.m. onwards, visitors will don a pair of white gloves and be free to stroke the cars they would normally be allowed to caress with their eyes only. “The ‘Night of the White Gloves’ is a unique event in the museum landscape. It offers our visitors a rare opportunity to get a feel – quite literally – for BMW’s brand history, which now goes back more than 95 years,” says … CONTINUED

10/31/2012    1:55 PM

We’ve all viewed the wild street driving videos that come from Russia while wondering when we would see a wreck. These pics and videos from a BMW M Club drive in Russia show that you can’t beat luck forever when driving recklessly.

The incident occurred this past May and the wreck resulted in damages to an E92 M3 coupe, 1M coupe, E34 M5 and E46 M3, which received the worst damage, as seen below. A Subaru wagon was an innocent victim and was also totaled. Pics via Autogespot and site member EdwardM5.

Use caution out there folks!

10/22/2012    9:00 AM

Check out M3POST member Justin(OKC)’s modified E30 M3 as he brings it back to its roots. Here are its impressive modifications:

Euro grills
Euro tow hook covers
“BMW Motorsport” door handles
Cibie CSR headlights
Black headlight rings
Vented DTM carbon fiber mirrors
EVO II front splitter
EVO III trunk lid
EVO III adjustable wing with CF gurney flap
EVO III brake ducts

EVO III steering wheel
EVO III shift knob
EVO III shift boot
EVO III hill brake handle
EVO III seatbelts (red)
EVO III dead pedal
EVO II door strips
EVO II leather door panels
EVO II leather center console

BBS LM 106 – 17×8.5 et18
Toyo Proxes R1R– 245/35/17

AST 4200′s with Swift Springs (500#/600#) and thrust sheets

Sport EVO airbox
Sport EVO lightweight flywheel
Euro dog-leg close ratio transmission
Z3 finned differential cover
Oil pan baffle
VAC Motorsports electric fan conversion
Supersprint exhaust and mid-pipe with resonator

Next…..a 2.5 liter S14 … CONTINUED

10/15/2012    7:30 PM

The Rimac e-M3 has now been acknowledged as the fastest accelerating electrical vehicle (EV). Its record breaking run, which happened in April 2011, has now been confirmed and acknowledged by the FIA. The electric E30 M3 covered the first eighth of a mile in 7.549 seconds and the quarter mile in 11.808 seconds).

A full mile was completed in 35.347, which is still pending the FIA nod. The driver (and owner of the Rimac tuning company) Mate Rimac is already working on something even faster – the new pre-production Concept_One.

10/06/2012    1:30 PM

We recently attended the awsome Weyermann Malzfabrik classic car show in Bamberg, Germany.

The show was held on the factory grounds of Weyermann, a beer malt maker. Actually in typical German fashion their full name is: Malzfabrik Mich. Weyermann® GmbH & Co. KG.

Weyermann makes the malts that beer breweries used to make various flavored beers. They make one of the main ingredients for making beer. And they are at the top of their game. Sold in over 130 countries, their product is a household name in the beer industry. One of the “small’ brewers in the states uses their malts. You might have heard of Sam Adams.

Anyways… here is a look at their annual classic (oldtimer treffen) car show held every July. I know next’s year show … CONTINUED

09/05/2012    7:00 PM

Watch the M1, 3.0CSL, M3s and Other Iconic M Racecars In Action at the BMW Oldtimer GP 2012 @ Nurburgring.