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07/22/2012    1:11 PM

The BMW Art Drive! BMW Art Car Collection Exhibit has kicked off in London. The ICA, in partnership with BMW, the Mayor of London and the London 2012 Festival, has taken over a landmark car park in Shoreditch for two weeks only from 21 July to 4 August for a unique exhibition of the BMW ART CAR COLLECTIONon show for the first time in the UK. Admission is free.

BIMMERPOST member Roger Lightness was very lucky this morning to have access to the setting up of BMW’s ICA Art car exhibition in London and has shared these photos with us.

07/11/2012    7:00 PM

On this episode of Head 2 Head, Automobile Magazine’s Jason Cammisa rekindles a classic European sports sedan battle, pitting the legendary BMW E30 M3 against it’s Cosworth-powered rival, the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16. Find out which homologation special is the most special of all.

07/11/2012    12:15 PM

The BMW 3 Series plays an important role in the BMW history. This documentary gives you an overview over six generations of the BMW 3 Series. Starting from 1975, every new model has its own characteristics, but always the same roots. The BMW 3 Series sedan is the latest representative of a long history.

07/03/2012    10:57 AM

100 Z1s and 180 participants from 12 countries gathered at BMW HQ in Munich last month to celebrate the Z1′s 25th anniversary.

The Z1, BMW’s first ever Z model, made its debut at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show, the same show where BMW revealed its first ever 3 Series Touring model (based off E30).

The Z1 borrowed from the E30 325i, including interior parts and 2.5L 168 HP inline 6 engine and featured some very innovative construction for its time including a monocoque construction made up of individual steel sheets that constituted the car

06/28/2012    8:30 AM

This is likely the very first E30 M3 Touring that you’ve ever seen, and for good reason – BMW never made such a model. But where BMW stops, the BMW enthusiast (or shop) sometimes picks up.

This custom built E30 M3 touring started its life as a E30 318i touring. The builder, a New Jersey custom fabrication shop, used a totaled E30 M3 coupe as the donor for many body parts, while a E36 M3 provided the heart for the custom M3 touring – BMW’s 282HP S50B30 3.0L engine with 80k miles on the clock.

It also features shaved hood, shaved front bumper (EvoIII style), carbon fiber front brake ducts, carbon fiber front splitter, Evo II front lip, Evo II hood gasket seals, Euro grills, original Euro … CONTINUED

06/23/2012    8:00 PM

We took a recent trip to the BMW Museum and Welt where there’s currently a new exhibit on display – BMW Motorsports cars. The exhibit opened June 5th and will continue throughout the summer.

For those of our members not able to see it in person, we bring you plenty of photos, as well as photos of the M room and generation displays.

06/17/2012    1:00 PM

Earlier this month, BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) of Seattle held the annual Triple XXX Rootbeer BMW Event. Hundreds of BMWs were in attendance, of all models, years, and varieties.

We bring you some event photos inside.

06/13/2012    7:30 PM

Bought for £4000, Chris and pals take the 325 for its first gravel test. Many things go wrong. Watch the adventure (or misadventure) that results from their trip to rally this 170hp Alpina engined E30 325i for the first time.

06/06/2012    10:30 AM

Back to the future. 25 years of the BMW Z1

It was a true quantum leap: when BMW unveiled the Z1 to the international motoring press in the Italian town of Punta Ala back in autumn 1988, its direct predecessor was parked in the hotel’s inner courtyard – a BMW 507 from the late 1950s, the last time the BMW model range had included a two-seater sports car. The leap through time to the Z1 was in fact even greater than the intervening period of 30 years or so would suggest. Its avant-garde solutions looked way ahead into the future – indeed, some of its most revolutionary ideas are as unique now as they were then.

It had all begun with a very bold idea. The BMW Board … CONTINUED