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03/07/2011    11:30 AM

The star of the 2011 Geneva Autoshow for BMW was without a doubt the Vision ConnectedDrive concept roadster. Here is a new video of the making of the concept, which gives a very nice behind the scenes look at how all the members of the team work together in a small and tight environment, this video is well worth the watch!

03/03/2011    10:45 AM

Well folks, we’re all done here at the 2011 Geneva auto show and hope you enjoyed the coverage as much as we enjoyed sharing it with our community. Geneva is always an exciting show because of all shows, it’s arguably the largest in the world and always features an unrivaled number of exotics and tuning companies on display. Geneva is also traditionally one of the most important shows for BMW due to its proximity to BMW’s home market and prominence among the auto show circuit events.

This year again featured several debuts of BMW models, packages, and technologies, as well as plenty of aftermarket tuner models. As a show wrap-up, we’ve summarized our coverage below, enjoy!

03/02/2011    5:30 PM

Watch the entire BMW Press Conference from the 2011 Geneva Autoshow below. The the press conference focused on the X1 xDrive28i powered by BMW’s newest motor – the twin-scroll turbo 4-cylinder motor (N20), the ActiveE, and the Vision ConnectedDrive Concept Roadster. Here are some related threads on these products:

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02/28/2011    12:00 PM

After seeing the 1M at Geneva, to our surpirse we got to see the new Vision ConnectedDrive Concept. No doubt, BMW will have a huge intro for this car at the official Press Event in Geneva tommorow, but for now we got a few photos of the car while they prep the car and stand.

The car looks amazing in person, the stance and color really work in the show car atmosphere, and no doubt this car will be a hit at Geneva. And to that extent, BMW has really put alot of effort into this car, they have setup a very large stand area for the car, with the car sitting on a rotating stand and truly massive LCD displays in the background. You can see … CONTINUED

02/10/2011    12:32 PM

BMW has now uploaded a video unveil feature on the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Roadster Concept. Check it out inside.

02/10/2011    8:38 AM

What you see before you is the new concept car that will debut at the Geneva Autoshow in about a month from now. The car itself falls into the lineup of “Vision” concept cars, joining its stablemate the Vision EfficientDynamics.

This car is a two seat BMW roadster with styling language that is certainly a mix of the design themes people saw under both Chris Bangle and now under Adrian van Hooydonk. The car aims to highlight some design themes that we have already begun to see in cars such as the 6-series and the upcoming F20 1-Series, such as the forward leaning ‘shark’ nose, very sharp and edgy lines and sculpted body lines. Pay careful attention to the headlamps and taillights, these seem to be the … CONTINUED

01/20/2011    4:55 PM

A new BMW concept vehicle from BMW ConnectedDrive is being previewed at the just launched ConnectedDrive Futurelab website, which previews future BMW ConnectedDrive technologies.

This ConnectedDrive concept car (link to video) appears to be a one or two seater open-top vehicle and is described as an extraordinary concept vehicle concept, which will once again revolutionize driving in terms of comfort, infotainment and safety. No doubt this is a concept car which will be used all of BMW’s brightest future ConnectedDrive technologies.

11/17/2010    5:10 PM

The Concept 6 Series Coupe made its north american debut today at the 2010 LA Auto Show after making its world debut last month at the Paris Motorshow. The concept is expected to be a very accurate preview of what the production 6-series coupe will be.

09/25/2010    10:00 AM

It may be a while until we see the 6-series coupe in various colors, but thanks to the talents of philip, here is a preview of the beautifu new coupe in some likely production colors.