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05/21/2010    8:00 PM

In BMW CEO Norbert Reithofers recent report (full report below) to shareholders, the CEO is reporting that the F10 5-series has received considerably more orders than planned so far. According to him, BMWs highlight of the year is most definitely the new BMW 5 series.

Dr. Reithofer:

05/20/2010    6:00 AM

In the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofers report (full report below) to shareholders yesterday, the CEO happily reported that the BMW X1 has outsold expectations with 36,000 cars sold since its launch last Fall. The X1 is expected to be available in North America starting sometime next year (2011) and should be available in the xDrive28i gasoline model, powered by the 3.0L 6-cylinder motor making 231-hp and a 199 lb-ft of torque.

Dr. Reithofer: “The BMW X1 has significantly exceeded even our own ambitious expectations: Since its introduction last fall, we have delivered more than 36,000 units to customers,” BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said that the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting. “Among these customers are plenty of younger people for whom BMW was not … CONTINUED

05/19/2010    3:45 PM

In the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofers report (full report below) to shareholders yesterday, the CEO confirmed the F10 5-series Activehybrid will begin production in 2011 and that BMW also has plans for a 3-series hybrid (presumably with the next generation F30 / F32 3-series).

05/19/2010    10:32 AM

Munich. Sun, rain, ice and snow “at the push of a button” – all climate zones of the world in one building in northern Munich. This piques curiosity and provides for optimal conditions for a special type of photo shoot. “I heard you can make weather here.” With this sentence, the two-time Olympic champion Katarina Witt greeted the Manager of Efficient Dynamics at the BMW Group, Dr. Johannes Liebl, during her visit to the BMW Group’s Energy and Environmental Test Centre (ETC). “I’d like to have some sun – I’ve had enough ice and snow this last winter.”

This wish was the test engineers’ command. And so Witt experienced a convertible-car feeling with the summer styling to go with it – headwind and sun. However, the BMW … CONTINUED

05/13/2010    4:00 PM

BMW Canada is set to launch an unorthodox advertising campaign, centered around flirty public bathroom mirror messages. Using a new mirror display technology, ads will appear as patrons approach restroom mirrors. A motion detector senses the patrons movement and sets a sequence of flirty BMW ads in motion, creating a captivating and irresistible communication chain that leaves readers wanting more, or at least thats the theory.

Via: http://www.autoblog.com/2010/05/13/m…ad-campaign-t/

Press release:


Mirror, mirror on the wall…Whos the most innovative of them all?

BMW Canada becomes first car company to flirt with customers … CONTINUED

05/07/2010    9:41 AM

For BMW fans in North America, there is now an alternative to the European Delivery experience in Munich. BMW has now launched “The BMW Experience” in Spartanburg, SC. Combining BMW’s resources along Highway 101 in Spartanburg, SC: The BMW Performance Center, The BMW Zentrum, as well as, BMW’s Manufacturing Plant, “The Ultimate BMW Experience” extends the ability to offer a more customizable, personal approach to all visitors and will become a destination for many enthusiasts and will give BMW a forum to tell BMW’s story in the US.

05/04/2010    4:00 AM

The BMW Group is taking an active role in the “national platform for electromobility” launched by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday. The BMW Group will contribute its many years of experience in the area of electromobility to the project, plus the extensive scientific results from field tests currently being carried out with the MINI E. The “basic conditions” working group will be chaired jointly by Dr Klaus Draeger, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management responsible for development, and Prof. Lars-Hendrik Röller from the European School of Management and Technology.

The aim of this joint initiative – which brings together the worlds of politics, science and industry – is to further strengthen the pioneering role of Germany in the area of electromobility. “Germany … CONTINUED

05/03/2010    6:13 PM

Good Times! BMW USA is reporting a 9% increase in overal vehicle sales (BMW + MINI) as compared to the April of 2009. No doubt those were difficult times, but it seems the mild-moderate sales rebound BMW predicted are in fact coming true. The month to month sales increase of 9% is a big part of a much more important 7.9% increase in sales when comparing Year-to-date sales.

04/22/2010    3:45 PM

BMW has announced that its all-electric “Megacity Vehicle” line will launc in 2013. This line of vehicles was designed from the ground up to be fully electric vehicles and will be significantly lighter than conventional cars with heavy use of carbon fiber. It will be a zero-emission urban car for the world’s metropolitan regions. It is currently being developed as part of project i and will be available from 2013 under a sub-brand of BMW.