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03/17/2010    10:00 AM

Below is a transcription of Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AGs Speech at the 2010 Annual BMW Report. Dr. Reithofer discusses all the topics in front of BMW right now including the future of efficientdynamics and the future project-i megacity vehicle

Slides Accompanying Dr. Reithofers speech: Attachment 359958

BMW Group 2009 Annual Report: http://www.bimmerpost.com/goodiesfor…upGB2009EN.pdf


Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you can see here: we are creating the future. And, we are on a path to profitable growth.

In line with our strategy Number ONE, we moved the companys strategic realignment forward during the 2009 … CONTINUED

03/17/2010    9:04 AM

As part of the deluge of financial information released by BMW today, they have put out a positive outlook on 2010. BMW believes it retain its place as the worlds leading premium car maker by selling over 1.3million cars in 2010, which would represent a single digit percentage growth year over year.

To date all 3 of BMWs major segments, cars motorcycles and financials have seen positive earnings. But more importantly, BMW points to the all new 5-Series, which represents 20% of all worldwide BMW car sales as a major contributor to its growth in 2010, but also hope newly refreshed cars such as the 3-Series coupe/convertible and X5 reflect the changes in their sales. … CONTINUED

03/17/2010    1:33 AM

BMW is not only making its vehicles more and more environmentally friendly, but its factories as well. One example is the new differential assembly facility at the Dingolfing plant which has been optimized to lower the production costs for every differential unit by about 20 percent when the facility begins operation in mid-2011. From this alone, the building’s energy usage will be 25% below the German government’s recommended standard.

03/16/2010    8:10 AM

Munich, 16th March 2010. H&R is the new Technical Partner of BMW Motorsport. The specialist for suspension components will be involved as the BMW M3 GT2 takes to the track for this years 24-hour races. The company has supported BMW driver Uwe Alzen (DE) for several years. This partnership has how been extended for the 2010 GT season. As a result, the H&R logo will not only be seen on the cars, helmets, trucks and driver overalls, but also exclusively on Alzens cap.

03/11/2010    9:28 AM

BMWNA has just announced the names of the top performing BMW dealerships in the U.S. 24 out of 338 BMW dealers nationwide were awarded the “2010 Center of Excellence” (COE). The Centers were selected based on the criteria of customer satisfaction, outstanding brand representation, operational excellence and profitability. Did your dealer make the list? Check inside.

03/11/2010    1:00 AM

The F10 5-series will be manufactured in BMW’s plant in Dingolfing, Germany. As part of its website, BMW has set up a page dedicated to the plant, including a Virtual Plant Tour feature, which includes a view into the F10 5-series production process.

03/10/2010    8:00 PM

Despite the 2009 recession year and auto sales being down by volume, the BMW Group managed to post positive earnings for 2009. Worldwide the BMW Group increased its market share in the premium segment while retaining its position as the world’s leading premium manufacturer. In the US, BMW remained the best performing European premium car brand in the USA, and forecasts that sales in 2010 will increase.

03/08/2010    7:12 PM

We recently reported that a leasing program for the ActiveE electric car (based on the 1-series) will soon be launched worldwide, with 200 units available in the US. BMW has clarified and now says that while no exact # has been determined, there will be at least 450 ActiveEs coming to the US.

Press release:

BMW Group Commitment to Electric Vehicle Development Unwavering

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 8, 2010… Recent published reports have incorrectly stated that the size of the fleet of BMW ActiveEs that will be deployed during the BMW Group’s second-phase field trial in the US will be limited to 200 vehicles. While the exact size of the fleet has … CONTINUED

03/04/2010    8:50 PM

Over the next year, a leasing program for the ActiveE electric car (based on the 1-series) will be launched worldwide. 600-700 units of the ActiveE car will be available for lease in major cities around the globe. The ActiveE runs off a synchronous electric motor which produces 170hp / 184lb-ft torque. A full charge takes about 4.5 hours allowing a driving range of 100 miles.