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09/05/2009    8:57 AM

September 4, Berlin

BMW Museum was presented with the Gold Leaf award by the Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF). The award was given for the International Interior Design category.

So now, the BMW Museum adds this award to their bookshelf which already holds two Gold Lions at Cannes, two gold ADC Awards and one silver, the Grand Clio Award (one gold, one silver), the red dot design award, the iF product design award and the international architecture award.

After several years of renovation, the BMW Museum was opened in June 2008. It is the standardbearer for history about the BMW company and brand. The museum is organzied into seven thematic exhibition venues, such … CONTINUED

09/03/2009    8:05 PM

BMW Welt has become a growing attraction for BMW fans across the globe and BMW has expanded the related activities at the welt. They’ve also been kind enough to release this set of high resolution of desktop wallpapers for all the fans out there

09/03/2009    9:29 AM

This video shows off the future of BMW maintenance and service – augmented reality tutorials seen through digital goggles.

07/29/2009    7:37 AM

BMW may soon benefit from a U.S. concession allowing them to keep selling cars that emit more greenhouse gases than those made by mass-market rivals such as GM and Toyota.

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07/13/2009    5:20 PM

M Division chief Dr Kay Segler has given a recent interview where he explains that the BMW M division did seriously consider putting fourth a BMW M7 but had decided against such a car for a multitude of reasons, but mostly due to low expected sales volume from such a car. It seems the top range car in the 7-series lineup will be the twin-turbo 760i. Not exactly a slouch with a 0-60 of 4.6s, rivaling other cars in the BMW M lineup

Dr. Segler also spoke on the topic of the rumored production version of the GT4 which he verified could be in the cards in the future. Offering the vehicle as a street car would not only satisfy the hardest of … CONTINUED

07/08/2009    6:55 AM

Not all the news is bad news. Looks like the sales declines have slowed down for BMW this last month, while still negative as compared to last year, the rate of drop has stemmed and is actually improving. I would be cautious as to say the market is good again, but things aren’t declining anymore atleast..

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06/18/2009    5:36 PM

This is a pretty neat video compliation of what BMW has on offer currently. And by the sounds of it, this will become the advertising slogan of the season for BMW. They have already used the Joy theme for 2 recently released BMW vehicles and they plan to expand the theme at the IAA Frankfurt show that will see the X1 and 5erGT as well as supposedly an all new car under the effiency title that is said to be the Z2, a small, lighter and more agile Z car.

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06/02/2009    5:00 PM

BMW Reports their May 2009 earning today. Despite the continued downward sales as compared to last year, the numbers show that BMW had its best sales month of the year so far and also hit the 2 millions cars milestone in the USA.

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04/21/2009    8:28 AM

Here is a breakdown of all of BMWs factories from around the world with figures related to production volume and types of vehicle produced. Very interested read..