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09/14/2008    8:06 PM

One of our members Daniel N recently caught this BMW X5 with a large hood mount testing in Michigan. This car has been speculated by most everyone as being a hybrid version of the X5 with technical monitoring equipment resting under the large hood mount. Most notable about these pictures is that the car is cruising around Michigan so it seems we are in store for some hybrid BMWs on US shores in the near future

Heres what Daniel mentioned about the car:


Im from Los Angeles and I had to fly out to Michigan just for the day to check out a property 3 weeks ago. I stopped at the Oakland Mall in Detroit and as I was leaving … CONTINUED

08/17/2008    8:33 PM

The Hydrogen Road Tour stopped at the SC BMW Plant for a couple of hours on Saturday (yesterday).The Hydrogen 7 was there along w/ hydrogen powered…..MB A Class,Hyundai Tucson,Kia Sportage,Toyota Highlander,VW Touran,and Nissan X-Trail.Shot alot of pics! Might need to do this in a couple of threads.Hydrogen seems to be a way to keep the internal combustion engine and break away from the Middle East oil.The Hydrogen 7 was running on hydrogen only.The range on all hydrogen power is 125+/- miles.The liquid hydrogen is stored at -418F degrees.You can see the vapor floating around.The guy in the green shirt and w/ the black mustache, fueling the Hydrogen 7, is Josef Kerscher,the President of the SC BMW Plant. Thanks! PalBay

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08/11/2008    9:24 PM

BMW Hydrogen 7 Joins Department of Transportation, Department of Energy and Leading Automakers on a Two-Week Tour of 31 Cities, August 11 – August 23 – Portland, ME – August 11, 2008… The BMW Hydrogen 7 — the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan — joins an unprecedented cross-country journey featuring hydrogen-powered cars by the worlds leading automakers in the 2008 Hydrogen Road Tour.

From August 11 – 23, the hydrogen powered convoy will travel from Portland, Maine to Santa Monica, California with one goal: to call on congressional leaders to support the creation of a nationwide hydrogen fueling station infrastructure.

The Hydrogen Road Tour is a partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Energy, the California Fuel Cell Partnership and the National Hydrogen Association. In addition to BMW, participants include … CONTINUED

07/15/2008    8:34 PM

With BMWs X6 Active Hybrid now well advanced in its development
process, the appearance of this hybrid X5 is not entirely unexpected.
Spinning off the hybrid technology on the X5s largely related
platform seems a no-brainer in this increasingly fuel-conscious

If the huge hood bulge wasnt enough of a giveaway that a new hybrid
powertrain resides within the X5, the neon green warning sticker
affixed to the X5s backlight seemed to announce the state of affairs
plainly enough. It reads: “Caution: Hybrid-Prototype (High Voltage
On Board).”

The real question regarding this X5 Hybrid is whether its running a
gasoline or diesel engine. BMW showed the X5 Efficient Dynamics
Active Hybrid concept at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show–which utilized
Munichs 2.0-liter, twin-turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine in
combination with a 20 horsepower electric motor. This was a definite
break from the strategy revealed with the petrol-based … CONTINUED

05/06/2008    7:38 PM

According to BMW chief executive Norbert Reithofer in a pre-release of his interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the next generation 7 Series, which is coming out later this year, will get some sort of hybrid powertrain. The details of this powertrain are still in the air as far as we know, but we have a feeling it will be inline with what Lexus has been offering and will be decidedly weighted towards power. It should be a great addition to the BMW lineup and may be a signal of great things to come from BMW on the EfficientDynamics front.

03/31/2008    5:12 PM

What is this car exactly? Looks like an X6 with a hood scoop. You might be fooled into thinking that this is some sort of ///M variant. In fact this is a planned hybrid drive version of the X6 and the hood scoop is used to mount the monitoring equipment needed for testing.

03/22/2008    5:28 PM


Jury of Nearly 50 Distinguished Automotive Journalists Recognize Emissions, Fuel Consumption and Power Plant Technology of BMWs 118d as Best in the World
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 20, 2008… The selection committee for the 2008 World Car Awards announced today that the European BMW 118d Advanced Diesel was named the 2008 World Green Car. Tom Purves, President and CEO of BMWNA, accepted the honor on behalf of BMW at the award reception, which was held this morning at the 2008 New York International Auto Show.

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"We are honored to receive the 2008 World Green Car Award for … CONTINUED