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04/19/2011    9:40 AM

BMW has launched the BMW Evolve App, an iPhone app which is a virtual electric vehicle simulator which uses data from your current driving habits to help determine if a BMW ActiveE or an upcoming BMW all-electric vehicle will be right for you.

The program uses the iPhone’s GPS to track your driving habits and distances and lets you charge virtually as you would with a real electric vehicle.

The data you collect will not only help determine if you’re ready for a BMW EV, but can also collect and submit info to BMW which will help the company engineer the next generation of BMW EVs.

04/18/2011    1:45 PM

BMW just announced the details for their ActiveE lease program. The BMW ActiveE will be available for lease in select markets beginning in Fall 2011 for $499 per month for 24 months with a down payment $2,250. It will be available for lease in the metropolitan markets of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, New York and Boston as well as the state of Connecticut.

The ActiveE has a maximum power output of 170 hp and a maximum torque of 184 lb-ft, the latter is available from a standstill as typical of electric powered vehicles. This makes for an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in under nine seconds while top speed is electronically limited at around 90 mph.

04/18/2011    1:38 PM

BMW Furthers Commitment to Mobility in Urban Environments with plans to renovate its NYC BMW and MINI dealerships for a sustainable future, the introduction of the BMW ActiveE full-electric vehicle and lease pricing for use in major US urban environments, including metropolitan NY area, and the introduction of the Z4 sDrive28i, the first vehicle to mark the return of powerful, efficient and clean 4-cylinder BMW engines back to the US.

03/01/2011    7:45 PM

We had a chance to get up close and personal to the Vision ConnectedDrive Concept roadster today. It was the star and focus of today’s press conference and the BMW exhibit. Enjoy the additional photos.

02/24/2011    5:20 PM

In a big fundamental change for the upcoming BMW i8, the future BMW halo car will be powered by a gasoline engine instead of diesel. It was previously intended to be powered by a 161-horsepower 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbo DIESEL engine mated with a hybrid synchronous motor on the front axle (80HP) and full electric motor on the rear axle (51HP), to give a combined 292HP. The diesel motor will now be replaced by a traditional gasoline engine.

According to R&D chief Klaus Draeger (via Autocar), the i8 will instead be petrol (gasoline) powered in order appeal to the widest potential market. Says Draeger – the change is being made “as we want to sell it all over the world. Diesel is only really relevant to Europe

02/13/2011    9:00 AM

The BMW Vision ED (i8) has been spotted in Vancouver on the set of Mission Impossible 4 in which it will appear along with other supercars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and top end Porsches such as the Carrera GT.

02/11/2011    6:00 PM

The original BMW 1-Series ActiveE said hello to the world in December of 2009, but now the car will go into production with a test fleet of over 1000 vehicles to be shared between the North American, European and Chinese markets. This marks the second electic vehicle in the BMW lineup (after the MINIe) and will make its official world debut at the upcoming Geneva Autoshow.

Just to recap, although this car is in the shell of a 1-Series, it features a totally unique drivetrain good for 170hp, 0-60 in about 9 seconds and a range of about 100 miles. This range is achieved with a redesigned LithiumIon based battery unit.

The knowledged gained from the 1-Series ActiveE and MINIe testbeds will directly impact the upcoming MCV (MegaCityVehicle) … CONTINUED

01/22/2011    10:05 AM

China has really proved itself to be ahead of the curve on the EV front and it seems BMW will come on board and produce an all electric 5-Series exclusively for the Chinese market.

This new car is not to be confused with the ActiveHybrid 5, which will have its official launch in September 2011. The ActiveHybrid 5 still has a gasoline motor afterall. No this new car will be an all electric vehicle and would likely fall under BMWs growing ActiveE project.

Autonews Europe is referencing a report from the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper which pinpoints a partnership between BMW and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd in order to produce the vehicle. Brilliance is BMWs current partner in building standard Chinese market BMW 5-Series, which includes … CONTINUED

01/15/2011    4:00 PM

In just 7 days BMW will roll out the production vehicle for the BMW Electric mobility evaluation program. Having had international success with the MINI E programme in the US,UK, Germany and China. BMW roll out the first electric modern BMW in the shape of the 1er Coupe. Using feedback from the MINI E programme BMW have made gains in progressing it’s plans for electric mobility.