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12/31/2010    11:00 AM

Here is the Vision ED with a new coat of paint, this time in a beautiful gray finish that shimmers in natural sunlight, giving the car a more production ready look. Otherwise, true to their word, this car visually seems to be relatively unchanged from the original concept car.

You can see the cars driver wearing a crisp racing suit and you can see men on the side of the track with cameras in hand as well as a video rig. This means that this car is not out on the track for testing purposes, but rather for a photo shoot. Is this for more promotion of the vision ED concept car, or might this be an actual … CONTINUED

12/26/2010    1:05 PM

Previous rumors have speculated that the Vision Efficientdynamics production model would be named the i100 or M100, but the latest rumor from BMW insider Scott26 is that it will be called the i8 and there will unfortunately be no M version.

12/21/2010    2:00 PM

BMW AG has officially filed a registration for a new trademark and logo for their project-i vehicles such as the electric Megacity car and hybrid Vision EfficientDynamics sports car. The trademarks i1, i2, i3, i4, i5, i6, i7, i8, and i9 have also been registered.

12/16/2010    11:00 AM

As part of its “What´s next?” corporate campaign, the BMW Group has developed an exhibit that makes the company’s commitment to sustainability throughout the value chain come to life.

The pinball exhibit, a virtual version of the classic pinball game, was developed by the BMW Group for its sustainability exhibition, and can now be downloaded as a free application for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store. An online version of the game is also available at http://www.bmwgroup.com/whatsnext.

The application uses an interactive approach to help users understand the BMW Group’s strategies for reducing CO2 emissions. The object of the game is to collect CO2-reduction points by activating Efficient Dynamics technologies.

The various elements of the pinball game represent individual technologies which are activated by contact with the … CONTINUED

12/16/2010    9:00 AM

Edmunds’ InsideLine blog has gotten a sit down with BMW sales and marketing director, Ian Robertson who told them exclusively that the Vision EfficientDynamics car will indeed go on sale and would be priced near the $200K price mark and intent on competing with Ferrari and Porsche. More then likely the car is being priced to compete directly with the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell.

The car would also “redefine how we look at high-performance sports cars,” when it enters production in 2013. It truly is a ground breaking super car proposal as the previously announced official specs reveal. the car is part of the Project i initiative at BMW, and as such will be built in Leipzig alongside the Megacity Vehicle.

Mr. Robertson also told InsideLine that the … CONTINUED

12/15/2010    6:00 PM

114 grams of CO2 per kilometre and 120 kW/163 hp – this relation between emission levels and engine output can only be achieved with BMW EfficientDynamics. BMW has realised it in a premium vehicle of the medium range which also offers a luggage compartment volume of up to 1,385 litres (48.9 cu. ft): the new BMW 320d Touring EfficientDynamics Edition.
The new combination of efficiency, driving pleasure and versatility is possible due to the use of technology for the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions involving a specific engine design. The BMW 320d Touring EfficientDynamics Edition has average fuel consumption of 4.3 litres per 100 kilometres (65.7 mpg imp) in the EU test cycle, thereby clearly leading the efficiency rankings within its vehicle segment.

12/13/2010    8:30 AM

Want to work for BMW while also helping the environment? BMW is currently on a hiring spree to meet the demands of its lineup expansion into more energy efficient and environmentally conscious vehicles. The company expects to add 1300 employees this year, and another 1300 for next year as it looks to add expertise in the fields of electric vehicle and hybrid technology, as well as cleaner combustion engines.

At the end of 2009, BMW reduced its workforce to 96,230 employees from 107,539 2 years earlier. About 1,000 new workers were introduced on average in 2008 and 2009. BMW is currently seeking research and development employees as well as purchasing and sales specialists as it seeks to increase sales this year by about 10% to more … CONTINUED

11/26/2010    12:16 PM

According to Autocar, the Mercedes Benz Biome concept previewed for the LA Autoshow, is a preview of the company’s answer to the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics in the mid-engined eco supercar category.

11/16/2010    11:30 AM

We have posted some new Vision Efficientdynamics videos and wallpapers from BMW, showing the stunning concept in motion, as well as demonstrating the VED’s hybrid technology.