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11/08/2010    7:01 PM

This E90post member’s euro delivery journal is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Absolutely breathtaking scenery seen from an equally beautiful 335is on spectacular mountain passes – the Stelvio, St. Bernadino, Timmelsjoch, Fluela, Furka, St. Gotthard.

10/24/2010    8:02 AM

The benefits and great experience from european delivery is no secret to our community. A NY Times columnist has also discovered the process and writes about his experience. Particularly interesting is the background he provides on the roots of the ED program.

09/13/2010    10:45 AM

Many members have already posted great photo journals from their European Delivery experiences, so how about some motion video? M3Post member greycrx87 shares this compilation of moments from his ED experience in a video, including time spent at the Welt and the Stelvio Pass.

08/12/2010    10:00 PM

Can you think of any better combination for a BMW delivery? We can’t! DMD takes us through 5 day / 700 mile european delivery trip with his new M3 Competition ZCP.

07/12/2010    8:30 PM

There is just something about an european delivery which inspires our members to journal the entire experience. The latest comes from PicassoM’s delivery of his 2011 Melbourne Red M3. Best part is that he happened to pick up his car at the same time as other Bimmerpost members. Check out his entire delivery journal and pics inside.

05/29/2010    7:30 PM

An M3post member shares his 13 day european delivery vacation adventure, which even included some time on the fabled Nurburgring. We can think of no better way to help break-in a brand new M3! Read on for the wonderful report.

05/22/2010    7:00 PM

Hello all, finally went to Munich to pick up the car and head out for my 8 day roadtrip "over there". I kept a running diary of what was great and not so great and its ended up being a long blog….but interesting if youd care to know about the perks….and the perils of Euro Delivery. On the ED forum in Bimmerfest, the info is all wonderful but thats just the problem….its ALL wonderful. And for people who are fanatic about their cars (clean, polished, ding/dent free, etc, etc particularly when they are brand new), well the truth is that ED might just cause you ED of another nature!!

Forgive some of the language thats coming up…..there was no other … CONTINUED

05/12/2010    1:00 PM

E90post member fluidkaos has just recently returned from a nearly 1 month long european delivery where he drove his 335i coupe throughout western and central europe! We’ve seen many ED journals before, but these are some of the best photos we’ve ever seen from an euro delivery trip, so make sure to check it out.

04/22/2010    3:00 AM

Check out this rare delivery of two M3 ZCP Competition models. The two lucky owners beat the closing of the European air space and took delivery together in Munich. They are currently stuck due to the ash cloud, but we can think of much worse things than being stuck with a pair of M3 competition models in Europe!