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My numbers are much lower than you guys but

Age :29 // 5'5 125 Lbs

Bench 185 x 10 // 225 1RM
Squat 305 x 8 // 390 1RM
Deadlift 200 x 8 // Haven't Tried a 1RM
Shoulder Press 170 x 8 // Haven't Tried a 1RM
Bent over Barbell row 175 x 8 // Haven't Tried a 1RM

My back and shoulders are plateauing hard though.

Went from 178 lbs (fat) to 125 (sort of lean ~10% body fat according to my last test) in about a year and a half. Trying to go back the other way and put some on, but the metabolism is now all wacked out and It's become physically hard to gain weight. Gains have slowed down significantly.
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