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08/13/2013    6:29 PM

Developed from motor racing expertise, perfectly tailored to the model in question and designed to be combined according to individual preference – this is the BMW M Performance Parts program. BMW is now expanding the range in this product area with the addition of retrofit options for the BMW 4 Series. What is more, model-specific BMW M Performance Parts are available for the BMW M automobiles as well as for the models of the BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW 6 Series. Conceived in close collaboration with BMW M GmbH, the retrofit components in the areas of drive, suspension, aerodynamics and cockpit provide a significant bonus in terms of driving dynamics as well as adding a touch of sporty flair … CONTINUED

07/26/2013    2:00 PM

You’ve seen them separately, now see them visually compared – the 4 Series versus 3 Series M Sport and M Performance Parts equipped models.

The 4 Series M Sport model can be ordered now and the 4 series M Performance Parts will be released in October-November.

07/19/2013    3:30 PM

We have added even more photos of the F32 4 Series M Performance Parts, including a look at the limited slip differential (LSD).

The M Performance Power Kit (PPK) for the 435i will yield +32hp / 37lb-ft.

07/18/2013    6:34 PM

We’ve just returned from Lisbon, Portugal, where BMW held its press launch for the BMW 4 Series (our review to come). While you’ve seen plenty of photos of the 4 Series in M Sport and its separate lines, here is the first look at the upcoming M Performance Parts for the 4 Series. More photos are being uploaded right now, so check back.

Performance Parts:

BMW will finally offer an optional limited slip differential (LSD) as part of the M Performance Parts catalog. The LSD will be a clutch type unit and feature a 30% lockup. LSD may be offered for other models eventually, depending on how well it sells for the 4 Series.

The M Performance LSD will join the other mechanical upgrades we have seen in … CONTINUED

07/18/2013    1:00 PM

BMW has announced that due to an engine update (to the N55 motor) starting with July 1 production, the BMW M Performance Power Kit PPK will be unavailable for ordering. A new Power Kit will be available for the updated N55 engine come late 2013.

07/08/2013    5:00 AM

Review by a BIMMERPOST member comparing his M135i hatchback to the A45 AMG hatchback following a test drive.

06/24/2013    8:00 AM

BMW has released an M Performance Power Kit for the F20 125i with N20B20 engine.

It increases the factory 218 hp / 310 Nm to 238 hp / 350 Nm and of course retains the factory warranty.

This extra power drops the 0-100 km/h (0-62mph) acceleration from 6.4 to 5.9 seconds, with a top speed of 250 km/h.

It’s price at 899-999 euro /

06/21/2013    12:00 PM

An interactive 3D modeler of the M235i Coupe is now available at Humster3D. This digitally modeled version is based off the revealing spy photos of the M235i we posted last month.

Generally speaking, it does a decent job at previewing the M235i, although it does have to make some predictions as to the rear view and tail lights, which remain partially covered in the spy photos. Its surfacing is also too flat in some areas, as the actual M235i’s hood and front fascia have more shape and curves.

If you want to play with the interactive modeler, visit: http://humster3d.com/360-view/?id=54832

The M235i and 228i coupe will be the first 2 Series models available in the US. Both models will begin production in November 2013, as a 2014 model … CONTINUED

06/07/2013    1:50 PM

This M Performance modified F30 3 Series in Melbourne Red out of Vietnam is no ordinary M Performance F30. It’s one of our favorite yet.

Here’s it’s full current modifications list.

- LED chrome signal lights to match headlights
- MSport front bumper OEM
- M Performance front lip retrofit kit
- M Performance grills
- MSport side skirts OEM
- M Performance side skirt add-on
- M Performance side skirt stickers
- MSport rear bumper OEM + M Performance diffusor quad tips modified.
- Dry carbon 3.0 angle cut quad tips from cyba
- AutoDesignHouse Extreme trunk spoiler carbon fiber 1×1
- AutoDesignHouse roof spoiler carbon fiber 1×1 (removed)
- Roof wraped by Hi-gloss black Oracal R760
- Front lip, rear diffusor and trunk … CONTINUED