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12/22/2011    5:00 PM

Manhart has revealed their latest creation – the MH3 V8 RS Biturbo Clubsport E92 M3, which features some pretty radical performance and cosmetic upgrades.

In fact, Manhart has done away with the M3′s factory S65 engine altogether and drops in the 4.4L biturbo V8 engine (S63) from the X6M / X5M! Power was then bumped up from the factory 555hp to a whopping 750hp and 671lb-ft torque! To achieve this impressive gain in power, the S63 turbos were modified, air intake replaced, and pistons/rods reinforced. The car’s 6-speed automatic transmission also comes via the X6M / X5M.

Other performance upgrades include a MOVIT BBK (396×34 mm rotors / 6 pot calipers and 380×32 mm rotors / 4 pot calipers) and a full titanium exhaust system featuring 80mm exhaust … CONTINUED

12/20/2011    5:20 PM

Chris Harris of EVO pits two lightweight motorsports-geared BMW coupes against one another – the M3 GTS and 3.0 CSL

For those not familiar with the 3.0 CSL, it was created in 1972 when BMW needed a machine to make it competitive with Ford in the European Touring Car Championship. As the article points out, “L” stands for for leichtbau, or lightweight. The 3.0 CSL kicked off a line of impressive hardcore road legal BMWs geared for the track. The latest in the lineage is the E92 M3 GTS.

Here are some salient points from Harris regarding the two cars.

12/14/2011    1:20 PM

The VAC Motorsports E92 M3 with VF Engineering VF620 Supercharger has set the quarter mile bar for all E90/E92 M3s around the world. Running at Atco this past weekend, their supercharged E92 M3 coupe put down a mind blowing 10.690 second run @ 129.38 mph!!

The specs of the car are as follows:

2008 M3
VF Engineering VF620 Supercharger Kit
VAC by Fabspeed catless exhaust
APEX 18×10 ARC-8 rear wheels
Mickey Thompson ET Streets (DOT Approved – street legal!)
AR Design Line Lock
No other mods
No nitrous
No meth
Stock engine
93 octane fuel
DOT approved street legal tires

12/09/2011    12:00 PM

Car and Driver pits the BMW E93 M3 coupe against what it calls the M3′s ultimate foe, the Mercedes C63 AMG coupe. Comparing the M3 to the pasty software engineer, Ken Jennings, who kept winning on Jeopardy, and whose success annoys some people by administering beat-downs on some of the world’s best cars, C/D drove from their editorial HQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) to find out if  the C63 AMG coupe is the M3’s real-estate agent from Ventura.

See the results inside.

12/08/2011    12:50 PM

Power, motion, and light inspired American artist Jeff Koons as he worked on the legendary BMW M3 GT2. Bearing his unmistakable style, the entire body of the artwork is adorned with vivid, streamlined colors against a black background, giving the viewer an impression of motion and speed from every angle. But the BMW M3 GT2 Art Car Jeff Koons doesn’t just dazzle on the racetrack, it also exudes dynamism at a scale of 1:18 in its limited-edition miniature version. The metal model is a full-detail reproduction of the original vehicle, for which the artist intentionally selected a contrasting silver interior. The removable hood allows you to see the engine inside, the trunk can also be opened, and the air ducts are easily visible. The cockpit and … CONTINUED

12/07/2011    12:30 PM

Four members of M3POST were gathered recently for an epic photo and video session. The session was particularly unique because of the cars involved. No less than four white M3s were in attendance, each featuring BBS LM wheels and three with ESS superchargers. The result was some spectacular photos and a heart thumping video.

Check out the photos and video inside.

12/06/2011    10:30 PM

For those of us who take the M3 to the track, I think it would be fair to say that a part of us always wishes that the M3 could just be a little faster, a little lighter, and a little more like a race car.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting racing parts on our street cars — most of us don’t rebuild our brake calipers every year, drive on roads without potholes, or have neighbors who can tolerate the unmuffled music from our S65 — yet we all have a racing driver within us that wants to go fast.

With this in mind, Richard of M-World took a trip to the annual Performance Racing Industry trade show to talk to the experts who are involved … CONTINUED

12/06/2011    1:30 PM

Car and Driver has named their 2012 10Best Cars List and as always, the BMW 3 Series and M3 makes an appearance.

Per C/D: The competition should have figured out a way to beat the BMW 3-series by now. It’s not for lack of trying: Every so often, another carmaker will pitch a worthy competitor into the mix, but none has been able to knock the 3-series from its pedestal or even maintain its consistent brilliance. After 21 consecutive years on the 10Best list, BMW continues to evolve the 3-series toward some platonic ideal of sportiness.

You don’t notice the seats, the steering, the suspension, or the brakes because everything feels natural. Everything feels right. And how has no other automaker matched the silkiness of BMW’s inline-six engines?


12/04/2011    7:25 PM

Dackelone brings back his coverage of the 2011 Essen Motor Show, the European equivalent of the SEMA show. Aftermarket tuned automobiles are the main course at this event.

However, this year’s show saw BMW attend for the first time ever. BMW trotted out its latest Performance Parts lineup and accessories. On hand were the M Performance Parts M3 and X6M, as well as Performance Parts F20 1-series, E93 3-series, and X5.