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10/28/2011    2:00 PM

iND continues to push the M3 project tuning benchmark higher with their latest build – the Green Hell Portfolio Project M3. IND’s Green Hell Portfolio Project car was first conceived as a concept immediately following their amazing journey to the home of all European motorsport and BMW’s own home country, Germany. Their yearly pilgrimage to the promised land served as fuel to inspire the original Green Hell project, a car that was built as homage to all things racing and the Nurburgring in particular.

Check out this amazing new M3 build inside, with all the gorgeous eye candy we’ve come to expect from iND!

10/27/2011    8:00 AM

A european delivery experience is already a pretty special one, but coupled with the delivery of a special order BMW Individual M3 in fire orange metallic and you’ve got an experience few in the world can boast about having accomplished.

This is exactly what M3POST member U94/2 recently experienced as he took delivery of his new fire orange E92 M3 and made its maiden voyage around Europe. Check out his euro delivery journal inside.

10/10/2011    8:30 AM

A shiny (understatement) new M3 showcar is currently on display at the BMW Welt. Displayed with the label “BMW M3 Coupe Chrome Bullet,” this E92 M3 is finished in a chrome exterior with BMW Motorsports stripes.

No information is provided on whether this is merely a one-off M3 for fun and attraction, or if there’s any production plans.

10/09/2011    2:30 PM

Take a European delivery trip vicariously with status38 as he chronicles his euro delivery adventure to Europe and the Nurburgring. His trip took him from Munich – > Stuttgart -> Nurburg -> Brussells -> Amsterdam with a few stops and detours on the side.

Tons of great photos and videos inside. Our favorites are the ones from The Green Hell!

10/03/2011    12:10 PM

Over the weekend, the M3 Ring Taxi was part of an 8 car pile up on the ring. Luckily no one died although there is one person hospitalized.

The accident was caused by a driver who came into the “Bergwerk” section at too high a speed. The driver slammed on his brakes, slid, and crashed into the car in front of him. His car then continued to hit two other cars also in the area. Three cars trailing this scene managed to slow down in time to avoid the accident, but the BMW M3 Ring Taxi could not unfortunately. It crashed into one of the slowing cars in front of it and then crashed into the pile of cars in front.

The pile up resulted in over 100,000 … CONTINUED

09/28/2011    2:06 PM

Press Release:

The most powerful BMW M3 in the world: G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS with 720hp Supercharged V8. After the 635hp-strong G-POWER M3 GTS caused a stir with the trade press and automobile enthusiasts, G-POWER unleashes another technical tour de force with its most recent creation – the G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS with SK III „Sporty Drive“ Supercharger System.

As demonstrated in G-POWER’s Supercharger Systems for the legendary BMW V10, the full potential of high-revving BMW engines and G-POWER superchargers can only be achieved through significant modification of the base engine. Fortunately, the V8 in the current BMW M3 (E9x) is essentially a „shortened“ version of the BMW V10 engine that G-POWER modified to create its world-record setting, 800hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR. Thus G-POWER is able … CONTINUED

09/27/2011    12:48 PM

Couldn’t make the 2011 Frankfurt IAA? Now problem. Dackelone brings it to your screen with this MEGA gallery featuring both BMWs and non-BMW. Load up the thread and grab a snack, as this one may take a while to load ;)

09/26/2011    8:45 PM

Every year, the crew at IND makes their annual pilgrimage to Germany not to simply take a trip or take a vacation, but to remember why they work at IND – to reaffirm their commitment and love for sports cars.

As before, this year’s trip took them from Eisenmann’s Stuttgart based manufacturing facility, to the Frankfurt IAA, to the Nurburgring. Check out the German automotive adventure they have along the way in their excellent journal inside.

09/26/2011    4:45 PM

M-power.com has posted a feature on the world’s first and only exclusive BMW M dealership – located in Singapore. Follow the feature inside.

The plan was to raise the number of BMW M automobiles sold in Singapore tenfold – and that in only two years.

Both BMW Group Asia and Anthony Chan, Managing Director of Munich Automobiles in Singapore, believed in the potential of BMW M in the world of high performance cars.

As such, work began on the implementation of a concept that was unique in the world – the world’s first dedicated BMW M dealership.

As exclusive as this approach is also the service, which Munich Automobiles has been offering prospective and actual buyers of M automobiles since it first opened its doors in July 2010.

Joel Chang, Executive … CONTINUED