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05/24/2010    3:30 PM

G-Power has revealed two 600hp cars to honor the BMW Motorsports Team for the win at the 2010 24 Hours of Nurburgring endurance race. According to G-Power, the M3 GT2 S offers a Porsche 911 GT3 RS equivalent for BMW fans and the M3 Tornado CS is the “civilian version” of the M3 GT2 S. Full details and photos inside.

05/24/2010    12:00 PM

We recently posted official BMW studio photos of the M3 Coupe Competition Package in Frozen Black Matte, but for those who haven’t yet seen the Frozen Black Matte M3 in real life photos, these are the best ones yet.

05/22/2010    7:00 PM

Hello all, finally went to Munich to pick up the car and head out for my 8 day roadtrip "over there". I kept a running diary of what was great and not so great and its ended up being a long blog….but interesting if youd care to know about the perks….and the perils of Euro Delivery. On the ED forum in Bimmerfest, the info is all wonderful but thats just the problem….its ALL wonderful. And for people who are fanatic about their cars (clean, polished, ding/dent free, etc, etc particularly when they are brand new), well the truth is that ED might just cause you ED of another nature!!

Forgive some of the language thats coming up…..there was no other … CONTINUED

05/21/2010    9:31 AM

Humanity has been obsessed with time since the dawn of history. The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Greeks, and thousands of other civilizations throughout human history have strived to measure and understand time. No mineral, artifact, or human creation, nothing is more precious than time. Time does not negotiate; it cannot be purchased, sold, or recovered once its lost. Mankind has accomplished impressive feats, but as each man lives his life, he does so under the looming shadow of passing time. No force is more fearsome than the passing of time itself. INDs latest portfolio project makes this fact abundantly clear. This project was not a battle against limited resources, limited creativity, or limited ability, but rather a fight against time.

Nelson Cambata, our … CONTINUED

05/18/2010    4:45 PM

We previously brought you the first real life photos of the official BMW frozen black matte color for the M3, but BMW has now released the first official photos of the frozen black matte color option for the M3 ZCP competition package (including optional BMW accessories carbon fiber splitters & trunk spoiler).

05/16/2010    3:30 PM

Tribute To Success.


All eyes are on the Ring for this weekends 24hr race and expectations are high particuliar for the M3 GT. If success beckons the next phase into the scaling down of the E92 could become apparent after the incoming M3 GTS stakes its claim in history. Plans are in the running for another ltd edition to eclipse the current and sold out GTS , success in this race is one factor , but also continuing success in the ALMS and the Jeff Koons liviered M3 that will race this years 24hr Le Mans.

Already in planning in the design stages the conventional M3 body style remains although the rear arches are more … CONTINUED

05/13/2010    7:00 PM

Enamored with the new BMW M3 GTS? You’re in luck as BMW has now released the technical specifications and training manual (German only unfortunately) of the BMW M3 GTS for you to pour over.

05/12/2010    3:47 PM

BMW has just released this great video of the M3 GTS being put through hotlaps on the Nurburgring, with M division test driver G√ľnter Schilling at the helm.

05/12/2010    8:35 AM

The all clear has been given for the launch of the BMW M3 GTS to market. The E92 M3 GTS represents the most powerful and track dedicated version of the M3 coupe, featuring a 450bhp engine and fully revised suspension, chassis, aerodynamics, and interior, all towards the best track experience possible.