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05/09/2010    10:00 AM

A recently deceased Ford engineer will take his love for the M3 convertible to the afterlife. Knowing his love for the car, his kin contracted a mason to produce a life sized granite headstone of an E93 M3 convertible.

So large is the M3-shaped stone that it cost a whopping

05/08/2010    12:56 PM

| First Drive | Berkshire, England | BMW M3 with Competition Package |

BMW bundles up some equipment to create a Competition Package for its M3. It brings 10mm lower suspension, a re-programmed Dynamic Stability Control+ setting and new CSL-inspired 19-inch alloy wheels. The real big news is the addition of stop-start to the entire M3 line-up, this improving economy by six percent and reducing emissions from 285g- to 263g/km.

In the Metal

Wheels aside youll not notice any visual differences between a Competition Package equipped car and the standard M3. That means you get a carbon-roofed, bonnet-humped coup

05/07/2010    4:00 PM

Autoexpress test drives the M3 ZCP Competition Package model and comes away calling it the ultimate M3 experience. The reviewer also considers the M3 ZCP against the Audi RS5. See inside for his verdict.

05/04/2010    6:09 PM

Heres the link Insideline longterm test on M3 click<<<


The M3 E46 coupe proved to be a stunningly good car, yet the M3 E90 four-door sedan offers a stiffer chassis, more power, plus the utility of four doors. If the point of the M3 is to deliver extraordinary performance in a package that is compatible with everyday life, then the E90 is the best M3 ever, because it is both very, very fast and very, very refined.


04/30/2010    1:00 PM

M3POST members love their M3s because of their overall dynamic handling and feel, but power is of course also near or at the top of the list. That’s why some have gone the forced induction and added superchargers. Mikewads has gone even madder and added a 100 shot nitrous to his M3 with ESS supercharger (at 5.5 PSI)!! The result is a phenomenal 560whp / 404 wt M3.

04/28/2010    9:00 AM

Upon M3post member’s KonigsTiger’s request, Racing Dynamics/RDSport developed a specialized program called “Servizio Clienti Sportivo” (Racing Client Service). The goal was to create as much of a track performer as possible from the stock M3 by reducing weight and increasing power with an NA engine yet retaining some of the daily amenities. Here is the finished product and owner reaction.

04/22/2010    3:00 AM

Check out this rare delivery of two M3 ZCP Competition models. The two lucky owners beat the closing of the European air space and took delivery together in Munich. They are currently stuck due to the ash cloud, but we can think of much worse things than being stuck with a pair of M3 competition models in Europe!

04/18/2010    11:55 PM

Heres the new Vorsteiner GTRS3 bodykit available for the e92 M3.

Heres the webiste:

New Vorsteiner Kit <—Click!

Start the web special and click on the video.

Very aggressive. Gotta love the rear fender flares.

Btw, the kit can also be seen at Mfest.

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Attachment 374121

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Attachment 374123

04/14/2010    6:00 PM

Congrats to M3post member noxredna for placing 1st in the Enthusiast Class at the Redline Time Attack Race held last weekend in New Jersey. He clocked a time of 1:17.638 with his 2008 M3 coupe and beat the 2nd place car by 3 secs! Check inside for his great writeup, videos, and photos.