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02/07/2010    6:00 PM

Here are the first photos of the new Frozen Black edition color to be offered for the M3. This color will join Frozen Gray and Frozen Sepang as BMW’s factory flat/matte color edition options.

02/04/2010    7:01 PM

For 2011, along with the standard 3-series, BMW is going to be updating the M3 Coupe and Convertible as well. The most obvious different is the inclusion of the new LED tailights to the M3 while leaving the current design on the front of the car alone. IMO this is the perfect combination (hopefully a retrofit wont be too difficult).

Other changes which are not so obvious in these pictures are interior changes such as little updates on the trim pieces with updates to the iDrive system and screen.

02/02/2010    6:12 PM

Larry Koch, M Brand Manager of BMWNA, finally shares the reasons why the M3 GTS will not be available in North America (namely, high cost of preparing the GTS to be US-compliant). Also discussed is the just announced M3 competition package (which will be coming to NA).

01/28/2010    1:15 PM

Here’s official details of the 2011 M3 Competition (ZCP) Package for the US: the Competition Package will cost $2,500 and further enhances the highly responsive chassis by installing 19″ wheels with greater offset for a wider track, and a 10mm lower suspension. Combined with Electronic Damping Control and Dynamic Stability Control, both remapped for better corning, this makes the M3 Coupe or Sedan with this package about the best handling production M car ever built. There are also matte color options available – details inside.

01/27/2010    8:51 AM

Sorry everyone in Europe and the UK, looks like the GTS is completly sold out. Despite the very high price tag and talk that the price may be too high, it seems that BMW had it right and were able to move everyone of these cars very quickly. The actual production volume for this car has not been revealed but production will begin in May 2010.

To Recap: This is the M3 GTS

Source: TopSpeed ( http://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-new…t-ar84193.html )

01/26/2010    4:00 PM

Follow the lofty goals of M3 owner Pencilgeek as he shoots for 200MPH in the standing Texas Mile and 225MPH in the flying Bonneville Mile in his ESS supercharged RS-46 stroker M3! According to Pencilgeek: acheiving 225MPH in the flying Bonneville mile looks like it’s much more achievable than 200MPH in the standing mile. With only 6MPH margin of error — assuming we hit my projected horsepower targets — everything must be dead perfect in order to hit this goal. Therefore, I’m under no dilusion that we will hit it. I think it’s far more likely that we’ll top out around 197MPH, than it is we’ll break 200.

Even though it’s hard to tell what the class record is in the Texas Mile, as best I … CONTINUED

01/21/2010    10:30 AM

Some more 2011 M3 Competition Package (ZCP) information has come to light. Though the ZCP package will include special ZCP competition wheels, the tires will be regular 19″ M3 wheels. Also coming to light is good news for fans of matte color finish: there will likely be multiple matte colors options for the ZCP M3.

01/20/2010    2:00 PM

It’s been confirmed that the 2011 M3 will receive a competition package (ZCP) just as with the E46 M3. Exact package details are not yet available, but the E46 M3 competition package should provide some good direction as to what enhancements the ZCP package will include.

01/19/2010    1:05 PM

Check out this M3post member’s ESS supercharged brilliant white M3 which just dyno’d at 600hp / 400tq at the crank! Also must see are the 0-120mph in 10.4 second acceleration videos!