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06/26/2013    1:51 PM

We’ve all been impressed by the first E91 M3 Touring conversion by 63NP, and now be impressed by another full touring conversion!

This Mineral White E91 M3 was built by M3POST member HAMDAN1000 and also features a full S65 V8 and DCT transmission fitted into what was originally a 335i touring.

As you can see, it features full M3 body panels, hood, mirror and a custom rear M3 bumper. The interior features BMW Performance seats and BMW alcantara steering wheel.

Total build time and cost for this radical conversion? Nearly 5 months and over

06/25/2013    9:30 PM

Great video feature of a beautiful Silverstone E90 M3 by IND.

By IND: Jesal has been a member of the Chicago European Car community for so long, it seems like he has been involved since the very birth of the Euro scene here in the Midwest. As a moderator of our local EuroTeknik forum and an active member of our community for almost two decades, Jesal is a key part of the IND team. His perpetually flawless Silverstone E90 M3 doesn’t hurt, either.

This past week we had an opportunity to flog Jesal’s M3 in an attempt to truly capture the sound of his Eisenmann Sport exhaust as combined with the Challenge HFC x pipe. We travelled from the IND offices to a closed section of road … CONTINUED

06/25/2013    11:00 AM

BMW rolled out some very unique BMW M3 individual models for the BMW M Track Days in Singapore (at the Sepang track).

On hand were Java Green, Suzuka Grey, Sakhir Orange, and Frozen Monte Carlo Blue M3s.

Check out some photos inside.

06/20/2013    7:30 PM

This is how a supercharged (VF supercharged VF620) M3 sounds and feels on the track. Just vicious!

06/20/2013    11:00 AM

A Lime Rock Park Edition E92 M3 Coupe and some friends hit the Cabot Trail on a recent weekend.

By M3POST member leemik:

A few of my car buddies decided to go on road trip to Nova Scotia this weekend and drive the Cabot Trail. We live in New England so the trip for me (I live south of Boston) to the trail and back would total about 2,100 miles. I drove my brand new Lime Rock M3 (just past 1st oil service) and it performed perfectly during the whole trip. All the cars on the run did as well. No major breakdowns and no problems what-so-ever from anyone. Since it was so many miles we had to plan several predetermined tier 1 gas station fill … CONTINUED

06/18/2013    9:30 PM

Dyno shootout by Alekshop:

From the time Dinan and RD Sport each introduced their 4.6L stroker motors, it’s always been our dream to have a dyno shootout to see how they would match up against each other. Both companies make 4.6 liter stroker motors, but each took a slightly different approach in their design. Dinan chose to design a shorter stroke and bigger bore, while RD Sport chose to design a longer stroke and slightly smaller bore. The shorter stroke approach gives the Dinan stroker a 4608 cc displacement, and the longer stroke approach gives RD Sport a 4619 cc displacement. Practically speaking, both engines are the same displacement, but in theory the longer stroke of the RD engine should give it a torque advantage. We … CONTINUED

06/18/2013    9:30 AM

Road and Track shares their top 7 picks for the best 3 Series / M3 ever made.

06/13/2013    7:15 PM

Vivid Racing brings us a supercharged and action packed driving video featuring their project M3 shredding a dry lake bed. With nothing around for hundreds of miles, the roars of the V8 go ripping by at speeds of 100mph.

06/11/2013    1:45 PM

Have a first ever look at the E92 M3 Coupe in Valencia Orange Individual.