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10/16/2008    9:44 PM

M3Post member PencilGeek is certainly a technical maiven and provides us with some Dyno numbers and background technical details on the E90/E92 M3

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10/14/2008    9:31 PM

Picked up our 2009 M3 sedan last Saturday in Munich. I very happy to see that the space gray and red fox novillo leather combination worked well together, as we had not been able to see a good example of it in person (a couple of shots attached). Delivery at BMW Welt went well, the building is really impressive and since ours were the first delivery that morning, I had the place almost to myself for about an hour. As some others have noted, the technical briefings and the like are not very sophisticated, but the technology employed to make the show is pretty neat. Ours was one of two M3s being delivered that morning, along with an M5. It was really nice to have the keys handed over and … CONTINUED

10/14/2008    9:05 PM

Spent the long weekend down at the Ring. On Sunday the track was supposed to open at 0800 but due to heavy fog, it didnt open until around 1300. I was only able to get one lap in due to the large number of people who turned up. I found out real quick that the PS2s are no good on a partially wet track and had to turn down my aggressiveness in some of the corners (basically where ever the track was shaded, it was wet and slippery). Monday was much of the same, parts of the track was still damp, took it easy. Enjoy the videos. See you at the track next year!

Camera = Sony Cybershot strapped onto my TomTom GPS mount.


For high quality versions:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btMPwqsxv8Y&fmt=18… CONTINUED

10/13/2008    9:29 PM

EDIT: Added more pics. One of the giant press machine and the press molds, another one that shows the robots, an assembly line shot, and a final “marriage” shot.


Just got back from a trip to the Regensburg BMW Plant. I wanted to do a review with some pictures and facts. Overall, the tour was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area or who ever visits Bavaria. The tour lasts about 2.5 hours, and it is relatively easy to schedule a time with BMW via email. It was awesome to see exactly how BMW makes our cars, and I am definitely more appreciative of my car now after seeing how it was brought to life. The amount of robots and people that are employed, … CONTINUED

09/28/2008    8:36 PM

Hi guys – I am not an owner…. yet. I have a Z4M Coupe at this time. I did BMWs Fascination I & II Courses in the M3. BMW Driver Training is a great learning experience. I have done a number of their courses and I have become a much better driver. I specially recommend their Winter Driving Course for everyone!!

My take (& this is just my opinion) on the M3. By the way – this forum is first rate and my opinions are quite similar to what has already been expressed by many.

The noise is FANTASTIC! The S65 engine…. I am in love!

The M-DCT is a great piece of kit. I have a Z4M Coupe 6MT at this time. I will not hesitate and I will get the M-DCT. … CONTINUED

08/07/2008    9:07 PM


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07/29/2008    8:56 PM

Here are some pics of the M3 E90 facelift.

Note: European version shown!

E92 M3:

Best regards, south

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07/22/2008    8:47 PM

OK guys, after some time, I finally got a copy of the dyno for my chipped E92 M3, 466 bhp DIN and 338 lbs/ft of torque. Here is the dyno and pics (by the way, it does pull much harder and the difference is real):

Read the rest of this article, view the photos and make comments here ==> http://www.m3post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=158391

07/15/2008    8:33 PM

AutoZeitung reports that BMW plans to unveil the M3 CSL at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

This is cut and pasted from Motor Authority:

“Since the new E90 series BMW M3 was revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year, true BMW enthusiasts have been intrigued, but waiting for the CSL to come along. Standing for Coupe, Sport, Lightweight, those three letters name the most track-focused and pure driver’s cars BMW has to offer. News of the new model is beginning to leak out, with reports claiming it will be on sale by the beginning of 2010.

As the name suggests, saving weight is the focus of the M3 CSL’s performance regime. Carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic are used extensively to achieve the goal of shaving 100kg from the base car. … CONTINUED