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04/07/2008    10:10 PM

Well for all the Dinan lovers and haters here is a link on youtube from M5board talking about a future stroker V8 for the M3 that is basically the M5/M6 stroker V10 with 2 cylinders knocked off.


Dam impressive.

As another tidbit, check out the vids from M5board and the development of the CAI for the V10, an impressive amount of effort and true "design" work to make it breathe better. A lot of effort for 20 hp but it shows what work it takes to develop a product like this. Performance without sacrifice.




03/26/2008    5:16 PM

Southlights translation:

First post community-manager:
We wanted to allow you getting an idea of the experience the new M-DCT with Drivelogic provides as early as possible, hence the mods of the MPW in advance had the opportunity of a co-drive on the test track.

Let me add a comment to the mentioned "torque oversteer".

Simplified this means: When performing an upshift, the engines still revving too high for the next ratio.
In case of a quite fast clutch-in (M-DCT is able to do so), the engine gets decelerated and thus stored energy is set free, this means an additional moment to the drive train, the car makes a feelable and positive jerk forwards. This also means a … CONTINUED

03/21/2008    5:29 PM

This was originally being updated in another thread but I wanted to get some additional opinions so I am posting this here. Sorry if its the wrong section.

I’ve been looking to get an E90 M3 sedan, and was cruising ebay when I came upon this auction. Its for a Jerez Black sedan with FR interior, loaded with everything except extended leather.
The car advertises its title in CAPS “LOWEST PRICE ON EBAY”. The auction started at 60,000 and had a BUY IT NOW for 66926 K. NO RESERVE.


Jerez black on Fox red was not my first choice (I have a deposit for AW/Silver interior with DCT at a local dealer) but I … CONTINUED

03/14/2008    10:06 PM

M3Post member m-bitious presents his modified E92 M3 and what a car it is.. definitly worth a second look!

02/28/2008    10:22 PM

M3Post member swamp2 gives us an interesting insight into the M3

02/27/2008    10:26 PM

Here is an interesting article on winter driving in an M3

02/26/2008    10:30 PM

My dealer left me a message and said that the M3 lease numbers came in today… I have not been able to contact him yet, but I am wondering if anyone else here knows of their dealer telling them the M3 lease numbers. If not, then as soon as my dealer calls me up I will post an update.


Coupe & Sedan MF: .00275 (same as 335i I think)

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02/12/2008    5:48 PM

E90 and E92 M3s in all sorts of colors caught at Laguna Seca. This thread is a must see for any of our readers thinking about buying a new BMW M3

02/09/2008    5:55 PM

M3Post member gtb75 brings us his personal photos of the new M3 at the Chicago autoshow in silver!