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12/21/2007    9:09 PM

Resolution …. A time to reflect , a time to admire , a time to look forward… A time to Engage…

Endurance… “Form and function with equal emphasis…”

Stamina… “Principle of Innovation , not immitation…”

Engagement … ” Precision without restriction…”

Kinetic Symphony … “The Art of Precison in Seven movements”

The new BMW M3 Convertible

“The Expression of Velocity”…

12/21/2007    8:48 PM

M3Post member KSA//M3 takes his M3, soon to be tunedby Kelleners, to the dyno with some nice results!

12/16/2007    8:50 PM

What do you think of this studie M3??. I like few things but not others…

12/06/2007    8:35 PM

motiv online-magazines photo tour of the BMW M3s on display at the Essen Motorshow 2007

12/04/2007    8:40 PM

Theres nothing that unexpected here, M3 face and body, combined with the E93s folding hardtop. Although some people have asked for a soft-top for the performance advantage, I dont think the new V8 engine will have any problem at all with the little extra weight of the hardtop. Whats more interesting to see is what kind of extra body reinforments are made to the car to handle the extra power and performance demands. We want a rigid car!

12/03/2007    8:27 PM

The controversially styled Hamann M3 bows at the Essen motorshow, the traditional stomping grounds for German tuners. Take a peek and judge for yourself.

11/26/2007    6:25 PM

Famed BMW Tuner AC Schnitzer finally takes on probably the most important task for the company in recent memory. Namely, applying their tuning skills to the new E92 M3. So far the optical results seem to be top notch, hopefully the drive and performance follow suit.

11/23/2007    6:45 PM

This is the BMW M3 test drive review we’ve all been waiting for. Trust me, you want to see this!

11/21/2007    6:33 PM

As many of you know, I am going through MIL sales. I do not want to quote the MIL sales price estimate exactly. Many of you will be able to figure it out anyway. But, based on the updated estimate and official MIL sales literature I received a few moments ago I can clear up a few things perhaps. Please understand it is MY belief these numbers/must be close to ground truth due to the source. I am not trying to be an e-hero here so Epacy dont flame me

Base Price – 57.5K plus or minus a few hundred dollars. +delivery + Tax

I did get options package info and dollar estimates and groupings. No surprises except the following. Some are surprises, some are confirmation of suspicions already made on this … CONTINUED