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09/05/2011    11:01 AM

We’re happy to bring exciting news on the next generation M3. The next generation M3 sedan / M4 coupe will be designated the “F80 M3″. Along with this news comes word that the F80 M3 will indeed return in sedan form (already spied in testing)! The BMW F80 M3 Sedan will likely have its market launch in summer 2013, uncharacteristically before the F82 M4 coupe.

As things look to us, the M3 sedan will be the only model called M3. M3 coupe and convertible versions (F82 M3 and F83 M3) will likely be branded as M4. This might have played a role in BMW’s decision for another iteration of the M3 sedan. Previous rumors of BMW not bringing another M3 sedan turned out to be … CONTINUED

08/30/2011    4:10 PM

Some say the BMW M3 is beginning to show its age, especially considering the all-new F30 3-series has already been spotted in testing. As far as performance is concerned however, the E92 M3 coupe continues to impress and dispose of even recently introduced competition, such as the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe. Many pegged the C63 AMG coupe to give the M3 a run for its money, if not overtake it. Remarkably however, both AMS and Autobild recently ran comparisons between the two super coupes and came to the same conclusion: The M3 still is the better car.

Per Autobild, the “M3 won as it’s sportier and produces more fun”, or as AMS puts it, “afterall it’s the level of maturity which makes the M3 the better car”.


08/30/2011    11:55 AM

Earlier this month, M-Power.com invited six lucky customers from all-over the world to the Ring and let them experience and drive the new BMW M5 (see the video and our thread HERE). One of them was Benjamin Goh from Singapore. Judging from his enthusiastic comments in said video, there was little doubt that Benjamin was a true car enthusiast. M-Power.com visited him in Singapore and chronicled the event, which leaves no doubt he’s a car fanatic.

Just to name a few cars Benjamin owns, the following report includes photos of an M3 GTS, a 1M, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a just-delivered Ferrari 458. Oh yea, and he’s got no less than two BMW M5s on order.

Enjoy the report and head over to M-Power.com for more photos. If … CONTINUED

08/27/2011    10:53 AM

The summer may be coming to an end soon, but the BMW meets and activities have not. Last weekend featured yet another large BMW gathering in the Northwest. Pacific BMW CCA held a special M-Car Day to gather some of the wonderful BMW M Cars in Washington area. The event was held at Griot’s garage in their new facilities in Tacoma, WA. Check out the extensive set of photos inside.

08/25/2011    6:30 PM

The summer months always bring a slew of european deliveries, and we all benefit by having the opportunity to live vicariously through all our member’s posted journals. This one features thorny’s E92 M3 coupe delivery and trip through Europe which took them from BMW Welt through the German, Swiss, and Italian mountains, all the way down to Venice, Florence, and finally the Cote d’Azur (French riviera region). Beautiful set of photos inside.

08/21/2011    3:00 PM

Seattle Bimmerpost members entered the the Remix car show at PGP Motorsports Park in WA on August 13th. The XDC Super Show featured a Top 32 National Drift Competition, REMIX Award Tour Car Show, Featured Industry Models and Model Search, Auto Aftermarket Exhibitors, RC Drift Zone, BBoy and Dance Exhibitions, DJ’s, Music, and Live acts on the Cooper Stage, Merchandise Stands, Concessions, plus tons of festival attractions.

The Seattle team brought home “Hottest Club-Most Entered” 3rd place trophy.

08/18/2011    6:40 PM

Interesting op-ed piece and discussions on the end to the horsepower wars and the anticipated upcoming weight wars. As we transition from the age of horsepower to the age of light weight material, will a new number begin to dominate the discussion – Pounds per horsepower?

With BMW investing in lightweight carbon fiber production/construction techniques, BMW may be taking a critical leap forward in future performance. See the full discussions inside.

08/17/2011    11:00 AM

The next generation F30/F32 M3 continues its testing and we’ve now spotted it for the second time, in much higher detail (click on photos below for hi-res versions).

As before, the signature M3 cues are all clearly seen – quad exhaust, flared fenders, wider track, drilled rotors, and beefier front end. The brakes feature 4 piston calipers.

We believe we may be looking at a different front end on this M3 than on the regular F30 3-series sedan. The clearest clue is the shape of the kidney grilles, which seem to be shapelier and thinner than those seen on the F30 3-series prototypes (see below for comparison). The entire front end also seems to be a different shape compared to the F30 3-series prototypes. Is it possible that … CONTINUED

08/13/2011    12:21 PM

Exciting moment folks! We bring you the very first spyshots of the next generation F30 M3 / F32 M3. These photos show an F30 3-series sedan with several trademark M3 features such as quad-exhaust, flared fenders and drilled brake discs.

Scott26 claims that these photos are no indication of an M3 sedan making it to production. Rather, BMW had only an F30 prototype to use for testing the M3 parts and components. Don’t count the F30 M3 sedan out yet however, as it’s been alluded to that it may still be in the plans — despite the rather slow sales of the E90 M3 sedan. That this prototype F30 M3 has wider fenders indicates to us that this is merely the F32 M3 … CONTINUED