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04/11/2011    11:45 AM

BMW M3 Frozen Edition. This car is just beyond cool. Just to remind everyone here, this is the South Africa only vehicle, of which 25 examples were produced (25th anniversary anyone?). The folks over at Car Magazine (South Africa), got their hands on a Frozen Black one, modified with a locally-installed AC Schnitzer exhaust system, modified air box and revised engine management to take the M3 up to 330 kW and 420 N.m.

Just to recap, the M3 Frozen Edition sport black or gray matte paint, with red gloss brake calipers, blacked out 19″ wheels, black interior with bespoke red stitching. Each unit will have the M Dual Clutch Transmission as part of the standard specification and relies heavily on performance-enhancing parts from AC Schnitzer, among … CONTINUED

04/10/2011    8:00 AM

Fifth Gear’s Vicki Butler-Henderson undergoes what we’d imagine a religious experience would look like when she drives the M3 GTS, calling it one of the best cars she’s ever driven (and she’s tested A LOT). Her enthusiastic reaction to the car is infectious and you can’t help but share in her excitement. Video inside.

04/07/2011    2:07 PM

Many speculated that a AWD F10 M5 was possible in the works when BMW released the promo videos of the new M5 undergoing serious snow testing. It appears there may indeed possibly be an F10 M5 xDrive version sometime in the future. In an interview with Autocar, BMW M’s head of research and development, Albert Biermann, indicated that ‚ÄúThere will be some all-wheel-drive surprises on M cars in the future,” apparently to satisfy demand from the US’s snow belt. This would represent the first time that the M5 come in a xDrive variant.

The only transmission details released so far for the concept F10 M5 is that it uses a Getrag 7-speed M DCT with M Drivelogic and has an Active M Differential.

04/07/2011    1:00 PM

BMWNA has just opened up the rare chance to attend an amazing 3-day M school on the Nordschleife (aka Nurburgring) in May. It will be conducted directly by the folks at BMW GmbH! BMWNA would love to fill the school with North American drivers, so let’s get some M3post/Bimmerpost members there! This program will be offered while seats last and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Prior Ring experience is not necessary as the school features an evening of theory training (over dinner) followed by two days of “Segment Training” on the Ring. They break the Ring down into segments to make the training digestible. Training will be conducted in the M3 and other M cars.

The dates reserved for US customers are: May … CONTINUED

04/04/2011    7:14 AM

The exciting lightweight M3 sedan concept which we were given a preview at the special M event in Garching, Munich (photos and info here) last week has now been spotted in testing for the first time!

The lightweight M3 will slot in between the standard M3 and the M3 GTS in terms of weight and power. Some of the weight reduction may come in the form of CFRP hood and seats. If you look carefully at the photos, it appears that the driver seat in the test prototype is a lightweight version, which could very well be the carbon fiber seats mentioned in the directly preceding link. This is unlikely to be the BMW Performance seat as that only comes in alcantara material.

Not much more info has … CONTINUED

04/04/2011    7:13 AM

Once a year BMW holds a “Technology Day”, a showcase of new technology and developments BMW has recently introduced, is about to introduce, or is looking into to make cars better. This year’s press release on the matter has quite some interesting bits about BMW’s technology, and one of the hottest things they mention is the progress they made in processing CFRP, short for carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The developments made for the BMW i models will be used across the BMW group sooner or later.

To demonstrate some possibilites, BMW shows a prototype of an E9x M3 bonnet in CFRP. According to BMW, “The lid consists of two carbon layers enclosing either a Nomex plastic or a recycled-paper honeycomb.”. It doesn’t stop there as a new … CONTINUED

04/03/2011    1:30 PM

We have added a live-look video of the BMW M underground garage for your viewing pleasure. It hopefully gives our readers a better sense of the mystique and aura of the environment, which only added to the truly special moment and the heritage of the collection of cars we were witnessing.

BMW M8 le mans x5

04/01/2011    4:00 PM

What a treat. While covering the M Event in Germany today, Jason and Southlight were invited to tour the BMW M facility, including underground into BMW M’s garage. No not the employee parking garage– THE GARAGE. Yes, the garage where BMW M stores a copy of every single M car ever made. Many of them you or I have never seen or heard of before. Cars that we may have thought about or dreamed about, but never materialized.

The event itself was a special BMW M Press Conference at M GmbH headquarters in Garching, Munich, held in the M Studio. First up was the press conference where the M3 pickup rolled into the M studio. It was finally (and not surprisingly) announced as an April Fool’s Joke. … CONTINUED

04/01/2011    9:30 AM

Ok more LIVE coverage from the BMW M event in Germany! Moving on from the M3 Pick-up, BMW has now shown off a new M3 concept car based on the E90 M3 Sedan. This particular concept is destined for the recently announced Nurburgring M Festival later in the year.

The main idea behind this concept is lightweight. The sedan is stripped out, but BMW has not given us any details yet on what the car’s weight is or other specifics. They did say that the concept is intended to slot in between the standard M3 and the focused M3 GTS.