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08/09/2010    10:00 AM

Insideline undertakes this fascinating direct head-to-head comparison of the iconic 1986 E30 M3 against a 2010 E92 M3. What has gone forwards (or perhaps backwards) for the M3 in the 25 years spanning these two cars? See for yourself inside.

08/05/2010    10:30 AM

We’ve only previously seen the Power Green individual color on a 1-series, but a Power Green Metallic M3 has now been spotted. And you thought Dakar Yellow and Laguna Seca Blue were flashy individual colors for the E92 M3!

08/04/2010    2:00 PM

Starting in the autumn of 2010, the BMW M GmbH product range will increase for the M3, F10 5-series, new X3, X5M and X6M, and the 7-series. Full details inside.

08/04/2010    10:30 AM

To celebrate 25 years of the BMW M3, BMW South Africa is releasing 25 special edition M3′s boasting a 30hp and 20nm increase over stock, in frozen black or frozen gray matte finish. It also features red brakes, 19″ gloss black wheels and black leather interior with red stitching.

08/03/2010    4:30 PM

Motorsport24 has released two track versions of the E92 M3 – the M3 E92 Club Sport and M3 E92 Widebody. The former is a clubsport version fit for dual street / track use, while the E92 Widebody is intended for professional racing use. Full details and photos inside.

08/01/2010    5:45 PM

There’s been many exterior M3 GTS videos, but no in-car driver’s perspective videos, until now. Here is a video of Dirk Adorf, a German race car driver, behind the wheel of a M3 GTS at Ascari. Great video for appreciating for the sound and fury of the GTS.

07/28/2010    7:30 AM

If anyone thinks that the recent C&D M3 win was a fluke, they now have quite a pattern to dispute, as Motortrend has also declared the M3 as the benchmark which the RS5 and CTS-V still falls short of. When it comes to things that matter – performance, passion, pure driver appeal, the M3 still trumps all in its segment!

07/27/2010    9:30 AM

Want to hear what 8,750 rpm (redline) in a M3 GT2 ALMS car sounds like? Strap on your headphones and enjoy! Nothing else need be said. But, we warn you – your BMW may sound a bit “understated” after this clip.

07/26/2010    8:30 PM

This past weekend, BMW opened the doors to its very first BMW M division dealership in the world – in Singapore. The complex is a showroom, dealership, and workshop exclusively for M cars.