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06/30/2010    10:00 AM

The “Green Hell” M3 by IND recently competed in the Redline Time Attack at the Autobahn Country Club, its first taste of serious performance racing after being force fed and fitted with various other racing bits. According to accounts, it performed admirably.

06/28/2010    11:09 PM

BMWNA has announced the availability of 3 BMW performance carbon fiber M3 aerodynamic parts at authorized BMW parts dealers – rear deck lid spoiler, mirror caps, and front splitters. Every part is functional, based wind tunnel testing, and serve to reduce lift and minimize drag.

06/28/2010    1:30 PM

This is an amazing wind tunnel test by Sport Auto, including the M3 and 335. Ever wonder if the M3′s special aero design is actually for show or go? Data would indicate that the aerodynamic improvements on the M3 are actually quite significant.

06/26/2010    1:52 AM

We have some major artistic talent on our site and we love to feature their talents whenever possible, whether it’s photoshops by Gerald Alvarez (Alpine325ci) or in this case stunning photos by jzhang (John).

06/23/2010    8:25 PM

The German auto publication Auto Zeitung have begun to speculate on the next BMW M3 Coupe (F32). Whilst some of the details especially of the front end are very similar and not far from exact of the new 3er Sedan. The Coupe repeats the formula that begun with the current 3er Coupe (E92) and offers a car that is more sleeker and sportier than the relevant sedan. A Design formula that has made the E92 our most successful 3er Coupe yet.

Here the artist has introduced a car that looks neither sleek , nor sporty but rather stubby , and the inclusion of CS Concept wheels adds more lack of believeibility. The aerodynamics packet seems to indicate a direction seen with the … CONTINUED

06/21/2010    4:00 PM

Lucky M3POST member technik1 is our first reported member who has reserved a special edition Frozen Gray M3. Lucky not only for being an eventual owner, but also one of the 30 owners-to-be who managed to put in their order in the 15 minutes which it took for all 30 units to sell out!

06/20/2010    6:45 PM

In a celebration of the 400hp, 500hp, and 600hp milestones, Car and Driver editors picked their favorite cars from each group. Their pick for the 400hp club was none other than our beloved M3, getting the nod over some heavy hitting competition such as Aston Martins, Ferrari California, Maserati, Nissan GT-R, and various Porsches.

06/20/2010    2:05 AM

Tonight I had the privilege of seeing a 2011 Frozen Gray M3 in person. The color looks spectacular in person, and the Competition wheels look amazing! Sorry about the poor picture quality…my battery was dying, and there was a huge crowd around the car.

06/18/2010    1:09 PM

Here’s a comparison many of you have been eagerly anticipating – the M3 ZCP competition versus the Audi RS5! We will say no more and let you see the results for yourself inside :)