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10/16/2011    12:00 PM

With the official pictures of the F30 3-Series now available, Photoshop artists have taken to creating a more accurate picture of what the next generation M3 may look like.

10/10/2011    1:10 PM

We received some great feedback and response on our F80 M3 renders, including several requests for a red version, as long as one with a hood powerdome. We’ve updated our set of renders with some new Melbourne Red photos that should make red M3 fans happy.

10/03/2011    2:25 PM

Now that the next generation F80 M3 sedan has been both spied and confirmed, the natural next question is what will it look like? We’ve taken up the task of previewing what the F80 may look like in our new set of renders.

We received insider input on these renders and the feedback is that these images are generally a good representation of the next M3 sedan. The new distinctive headlight-grille area design is straight from our F30 renders and uncovered spy pics. The M styled bumper resembles the new F10 M5, which the F80 M3 is said to be a smaller version of. The F80 M3 will receive sportier mirrors compared to the F30.

Rumored powerplant configurations have been all over the map – from … CONTINUED

12/05/2010    2:55 PM

Autoexpress previews the 2012 F30 3-series sedan and 2014 F32 M3 coupe. Not much info is new here than what we have previously posted, but their renders are a fun look at what the next generation F30 and F32 3-series and M3 may resemble.

Consistent with what we have posted in the past, the front fascia features a more upright angle, consistent with BMW’s current designs seen in the Z4, 5-series and 7-series. The F30/F32 3-series is also expected to be slightly larger in size, but with shorter front and back overhangs.

Next generation 3-series engine options will include a full range of turbo and naturally aspirated 6-cylinder motors, 4-cylinder motors, and possibly even a new 3-cylinder motor. The F30/F32 M3 is rumored to be lighter than the … CONTINUED

06/23/2010    8:25 PM

The German auto publication Auto Zeitung have begun to speculate on the next BMW M3 Coupe (F32). Whilst some of the details especially of the front end are very similar and not far from exact of the new 3er Sedan. The Coupe repeats the formula that begun with the current 3er Coupe (E92) and offers a car that is more sleeker and sportier than the relevant sedan. A Design formula that has made the E92 our most successful 3er Coupe yet.

Here the artist has introduced a car that looks neither sleek , nor sporty but rather stubby , and the inclusion of CS Concept wheels adds more lack of believeibility. The aerodynamics packet seems to indicate a direction seen with the … CONTINUED

06/08/2010    12:01 AM

Based on the information leaked out about this street version of the successful BMW M3 GT2 racecar, Jon Sibal created a rendering of how the new BMW M3 GTS-R might possibly look like.