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12/29/2011    11:12 AM

The first turbo E90/E92 M3 build that we know of is underway. There are currently several supercharger kits for the M3′s S65 motor available on the market, but no turbo kits, yet. The S65 makes it difficult to place a turbocharger kit’s plumbing, and some tuners are also wary of turbocharging the S65 due to its aluminum construction.

But, South African tuning shop SAVSPEED has taken up the cause and its S65 turbo build is currently in the works. They’ve decided on a single turbo setup. As plumbing is difficult in the S65 engine compartment, a custom engine mount had to be designed. SAVSPEED has already run the turbo’d E92 M3 for 140km on the dyno and all is going well. … CONTINUED

12/23/2011    3:00 PM

Paul Walker (of the Fast and Furious movies) is an avid and serious auto enthusiast. His track weapon of choice is an E92 M3 coupe, supercharged by AE Performance and Gintani. After 2 successful years of this car being tracked and pushed to its limit (while breaking records), this M3 will be getting a power upgrade.

Gintani was contacted by the AE performance team and have now started on a Stage 3 build for Paul Walker’s M3. The Stage 3 build will be documented in this M3POST thread so be sure to check in and subscribe to the thread as the entire process (engine removal, tear down, build, install, and completed project).

12/22/2011    5:00 PM

Manhart has revealed their latest creation – the MH3 V8 RS Biturbo Clubsport E92 M3, which features some pretty radical performance and cosmetic upgrades.

In fact, Manhart has done away with the M3′s factory S65 engine altogether and drops in the 4.4L biturbo V8 engine (S63) from the X6M / X5M! Power was then bumped up from the factory 555hp to a whopping 750hp and 671lb-ft torque! To achieve this impressive gain in power, the S63 turbos were modified, air intake replaced, and pistons/rods reinforced. The car’s 6-speed automatic transmission also comes via the X6M / X5M.

Other performance upgrades include a MOVIT BBK (396×34 mm rotors / 6 pot calipers and 380×32 mm rotors / 4 pot calipers) and a full titanium exhaust system featuring 80mm exhaust … CONTINUED

12/14/2011    1:20 PM

The VAC Motorsports E92 M3 with VF Engineering VF620 Supercharger has set the quarter mile bar for all E90/E92 M3s around the world. Running at Atco this past weekend, their supercharged E92 M3 coupe put down a mind blowing 10.690 second run @ 129.38 mph!!

The specs of the car are as follows:

2008 M3
VF Engineering VF620 Supercharger Kit
VAC by Fabspeed catless exhaust
APEX 18×10 ARC-8 rear wheels
Mickey Thompson ET Streets (DOT Approved – street legal!)
AR Design Line Lock
No other mods
No nitrous
No meth
Stock engine
93 octane fuel
DOT approved street legal tires

12/07/2011    12:30 PM

Four members of M3POST were gathered recently for an epic photo and video session. The session was particularly unique because of the cars involved. No less than four white M3s were in attendance, each featuring BBS LM wheels and three with ESS superchargers. The result was some spectacular photos and a heart thumping video.

Check out the photos and video inside.

12/06/2011    10:30 PM

For those of us who take the M3 to the track, I think it would be fair to say that a part of us always wishes that the M3 could just be a little faster, a little lighter, and a little more like a race car.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting racing parts on our street cars — most of us don’t rebuild our brake calipers every year, drive on roads without potholes, or have neighbors who can tolerate the unmuffled music from our S65 — yet we all have a racing driver within us that wants to go fast.

With this in mind, Richard of M-World took a trip to the annual Performance Racing Industry trade show to talk to the experts who are involved … CONTINUED

11/25/2011    4:30 PM

Some M3POST member’s supercharged M3s have set the quarter mile trap speed record on street tires. The M3s were supercharged with ESS 535 (DCT) supercharger, ESS 625 (6spd) supercharger, and AA Stage 2 supercharger and DCT.

The runs were made at Atco Raceway in some cool temperatures (45 degrees F).

1SICKM managed a trap speed record of 125mph and ran times of 11.6 and 11.8. Akh23456′s M3 managed even faster 1/4 mile times in 11.2 – 11.3.

Check out the details, videos, and timeslips inside.

11/20/2011    11:12 AM

Missed the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas? No worries, Johnny Lin provides us with a mega gallery of BMW models at the event (along with some other fine looking German vehicles). Hope you got the bandwidth to keep up =)

10/28/2011    2:00 PM

iND continues to push the M3 project tuning benchmark higher with their latest build – the Green Hell Portfolio Project M3. IND’s Green Hell Portfolio Project car was first conceived as a concept immediately following their amazing journey to the home of all European motorsport and BMW’s own home country, Germany. Their yearly pilgrimage to the promised land served as fuel to inspire the original Green Hell project, a car that was built as homage to all things racing and the Nurburgring in particular.

Check out this amazing new M3 build inside, with all the gorgeous eye candy we’ve come to expect from iND!