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09/28/2011    2:06 PM

Press Release:

The most powerful BMW M3 in the world: G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS with 720hp Supercharged V8. After the 635hp-strong G-POWER M3 GTS caused a stir with the trade press and automobile enthusiasts, G-POWER unleashes another technical tour de force with its most recent creation – the G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS with SK III „Sporty Drive“ Supercharger System.

As demonstrated in G-POWER’s Supercharger Systems for the legendary BMW V10, the full potential of high-revving BMW engines and G-POWER superchargers can only be achieved through significant modification of the base engine. Fortunately, the V8 in the current BMW M3 (E9x) is essentially a „shortened“ version of the BMW V10 engine that G-POWER modified to create its world-record setting, 800hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR. Thus G-POWER is able … CONTINUED

09/26/2011    8:45 PM

Every year, the crew at IND makes their annual pilgrimage to Germany not to simply take a trip or take a vacation, but to remember why they work at IND – to reaffirm their commitment and love for sports cars.

As before, this year’s trip took them from Eisenmann’s Stuttgart based manufacturing facility, to the Frankfurt IAA, to the Nurburgring. Check out the German automotive adventure they have along the way in their excellent journal inside.

09/11/2011    11:35 AM

The factory spec M3 feels right at home on the street or the track, but there’s always room for owners to customize it to become an even sharper track tool, such as this dedicated track-spec M3 owned by M3POST member wwjd15.

The melbourne red M3 features an array of track enhancement parts — front lip with functioning support rods, high rear wing spoiler for added downforce, lightweight Volk racing wheels, rollcage, Recaro racing seats, coilovers, and exhaust system.

Check out the beautiful professional photos inside.

09/06/2011    11:30 AM

German tuning company, CLP Automotive, has unveiled its BMW M3 GT Interceptor, based off the M3 GTS. The CLP M3 GT features upgrades all around – aerodynamics, power, and handling.

The M3 GT Interceptor features a widebody kit with carbon fiber front bumper, hood, fenders with brake cooling vents, sideskirts, widened quarter panels/fenders, rear bumper, and high spoiler. The CLP Interceptor widebody kit alone is priced at 8,880 EUR.

To match its new go-faster look, the CLP M3 GT gets extra power via a G-power supercharger and Akrapovic lightweight titanium exhaust system, together which develop 592 HP. The CLP BMW M3 GT sits on 9×19(F) and 12×19(R) inch light alloy race wheels with central locking, and a bespoke Bilstein race suspension.

The interior features Recaro race seats, roll cage, … CONTINUED

08/03/2011    11:03 AM

Feature video for the Active Autowerke and M.A.C. E92 M3 coupe builds that we previously featured. Check out the live footage of the unique Reventon and Ithaca Green colored M3s inside.

07/21/2011    3:46 PM

WSTO assembled this customized track-inspired M3 for a customer to serve the dual purpose of road and track warrior. The customer had a shopping list of parts which included both cosmetic and performance related enhancements, and the result is certainly eye catching.

The final build included the following modifications:

- Eisenmann RACE with Challenge x pipe.
- Custom painted front grilles in matching alpine white
- Side grilles and the inside of the mirror caps painted in MAG Blue
- MAG Blue 18″ TE37 wrapped with Hankook Ventus RS-3
- KW V3 coilovers
- Challenge “V” weave front lip and mirror caps
- Voltex Type 1S wing
- Kreis-Sieg exhaust with x-pipe and remote key for opening and closing valves

07/19/2011    1:51 PM

The Fire Orange color first debuted on the M3 GTS coupe as an exclusive color and is even now only available as a BMW Individual color order, which we’ve seen ordered on a E92 coupe and M3 coupe. This beautiful custom build by M3POST member lucky11308 is the first time we have seen a fire orange E90 M3 sedan, and we think it looks terrific!

Besides the custom fire orange color, this 2010 E90 M3 with DCT has the following modifications:

- Remus Sport Exhaust
- Vorsteiner Front Lip
- H&R Springs
- OEM M5 Alloy Wheels
- BMW Performance Seats
- Blacked Out Roof

07/06/2011    9:00 AM

Beautiful photoshoot of the recently completed Active Autowerke & Martino Auto Concepts E92 M3 Reventon and Verde Ithaca builds.

06/07/2011    7:07 PM

Watch a supercharged M3 take on a lethal Z4 with the V10 from the E60 M5 in a drag race. BMWs are not dragsters, but it’s mad fun watching a supercharged BMW V8 going against a BMW V10.