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02/20/2012    10:00 AM

The 555hp X5 M is fast, but not faster than the M3 around a track. That is unless it puts it capabilities to creative uses. Watch one way the X5 M with its AWD w/ torque vectoring rear differential can beat the M3 around turns on a track ;)

02/08/2012    9:00 PM

Watch these triple tire killing machines from BMW burn up some rubber in a drift/burnout demonstration in Mexico.

02/06/2012    10:45 PM

We previously reported on South African tuning shop SAVSPEED’s turbo E92 M3, the first turbo E90/E92 M3 build that we have seen. Watch its dyno run as it sounds like the car wants to take flight :)

SAVSPEED decided on a single turbo setup. As plumbing is difficult in the S65 engine compartment, a custom engine mount had to be designed. SAVSPEED has already run the turbo’d E92 M3 for 140km on the dyno and all is going well. Once they hit 1000 kms on the dyno, they will fit management and injectors and fuel pump.

The objective of this conversion is to achieve 850hp plus. After 2000 kilometres of testing, they will turn up the boost and shoot for 1000 plus horses.… CONTINUED

01/29/2012    4:05 PM

A new automotive interest web series called DRIVE has been launched and the first episode features a track and race very familiar to BMW enthusiasts – the fabled Nurburgring and its 24 Hour race. Plenty of BMW and other racing eye candy inside.

BMW took second place at the most recent 24 Hour Nurburgring race back in June 2011 and BMW uses the track extensively to develop and test its new models, the prototype versions of which are often spotted by our spy photographers.

01/28/2012    8:30 PM

The Rolex 24 Hour Race at Daytona kicks off beginning tomorrow afternoon and Turner Motorsports will be competing with its Prep 2 GT class E92 M3 coupes.

Piloting the two M3s is an all star cast of professional motorsport drivers Dirk Mueller, Joerg Mueller, Dirk Werner, Bill Auberlen, Billy Johnson, Paul Dalla Lana, Michael Marsal and Boris Said.

This will be the Turner team’s third run for a Rolex watch in the twice-around-the-clock endurance classic.

US TV Schedule:

Grand-Am Rolex 24 at Daytona, live coverage on SPEED TV
* 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. Eastern, Saturday, January 28, pre-race show
* 3:30 – 11:00 p.m. Eastern, live coverage of Rolex 24
* 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern, speedtv.com video stream
* 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Eastern, Sunday, January 29, live coverage of … CONTINUED

01/08/2012    2:20 PM

The Ultimate Driving Machine is a traditional BMW slogan and identity which BMW enthusiasts rally around, dating all the way back to 1975. In recent years however, this popular tag line took a back seat as BMW moved in different directions to the likes of the “JOY” campaign.

Fret not however, as BMWNA, which took on a new lead ad agency in the US (Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners) in April, is set to revive the Ultimate Driving Machine marketing identity this Saturday (Jan. 7), as the company will air a new 30-second television spot on national TV in the US. The commercial will premiere on NBC during the NFL wild-card games.

The commercial [see here at NY Times] starts off with an E92 M3 GTS sliding around … CONTINUED

01/03/2012    6:40 PM

Any M3 GTS fans out there? If you are, you’ll be sure to love this video of six M3 GTS and a supercharged G-Power M3 GTS running at the Nurburgring.

The limited edition M3 GTS, which was available only in Europe, featured 450bhp, with a weight of 3278lbs.

The G-Power M3 GTS adds forced induction to the factory GTS via a supercharger. The regular version pumps out 635hp / 630Nm torque, while the Tornado RS version is good for a 720hp and 700Nm of torque!

12/28/2011    9:05 AM

This must have felt like Christmas for the folks at Autobild. Autobild knows what it takes to have a great story and has done a special edition on BMW M models, called “Fascination M.” In this special comparo, Autobild gives an overview of all current BMW M models as well as interesting insights into M GmbH. Most interestingly, Autobild pitted all (yes, all) currently available M models against each other on a German race track named Sachsenring.

The outcome? As you’d expect, the M3 CRT (it’s sold out but more info here) is the fastest M car Autobild has ever tested on Sachsenring as it clocked a 1:38.87 minute laptime (the M3 GTS isn’t available no more). An amazing second place goes to the brand-new F10 M5 … CONTINUED

12/07/2011    12:30 PM

Four members of M3POST were gathered recently for an epic photo and video session. The session was particularly unique because of the cars involved. No less than four white M3s were in attendance, each featuring BBS LM wheels and three with ESS superchargers. The result was some spectacular photos and a heart thumping video.

Check out the photos and video inside.