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06/23/2011    2:28 PM

Just announced: the BMW M3 CRT lightweight sedan with enhanced power! Weighing in at only 3,483 pounds and powered by an upgraded 450hp V8, this lightweight E90 M3 sedan features BMW’s latest CFRP production process. The M3 CRT is 100 pounds lighter than the standard E90 M3 sedan and 154 pounds lighter when the equipment on board is taken into account.

Check out our full set of M3 CRT info inside!

04/01/2011    8:00 AM

Is it? Is it not? What is it? Whose is it? April’s Fool’s? Well, now it looks like BMW has officially recognized the beast, and taken back the covers from this skunkworks project.

Power is developed from the same 4.0-litre V8 developing its 414bhp at 8300rpm and 295lb ft at 3900rpm via the standard 6-speed gearbox.

In order to accomidate the new trunk and gate, substantial modifications had to be made to the rear suspension. The M3 pick-up still weighs in 50kg under the M3 convertible’s weight. Wind tunnel tests have also revealed the pick-up to be just as drag conscious as the Coupe counterpart.

The most obvious statistical improvement comes to the M3s load capacity Now at 450kg with an added trailer tow hitch, a first … CONTINUED

08/17/2010    7:00 AM

We have added over 30 new wallpapers of the M3 GTS to the Official M3 GTS Info Thread. Click on the thumbnails for full hi-res versions of each image.

11/04/2009    1:30 PM

The M3 GTS (formerly rumored as the GT4 Street) is now an official car. This car is beyond badass; the aero addons and custom paint job underline that fact. Click through and read on about this car, browse the photos and make sure to watch the video to really get the full experience. After all that, start praying that something changes and BMW M brings this car to the USA.

04/09/2009    8:58 AM

Cost is said to be about 120,000Euros. But for the money you should recieve the ultimate BMW M3.

03/14/2009    10:08 PM

BMW of the UK has put up a series of new wallpapers of the E90 M3 in the now ubiquitous Alpine White

11/23/2008    10:24 AM

M3Post member picks up the very first Laguna Seca Blue E92 M3. Yes, although this color is not offered in BMWs official offerings, it was a very unique and popular color for the E46 M3. So much so, that there is obviously demand for this color on the newest M3.

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07/29/2008    8:56 PM

Here are some pics of the M3 E90 facelift.

Note: European version shown!

E92 M3:

Best regards, south

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