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04/15/2014    10:20 AM

An F82 M4 and F80 M3 were in attendance at this past weekend’s Long Beach Grand Prix, where the M4 gives us a listen at its exhaust and rev sounds.

04/14/2014    10:45 AM

This new exhibit is on display in the lobby of the BMW Museum – featuring an e30 M3 race car and two actual F8x test mules. The M4 is in Austin Yellow and the M3 in black. Both cars were driven by engineers and BMW’s factory DTM drivers on the Nürburgring / Nordschliefe. The M4′s dashboard was signed by the DTM drivers; a nice touch for these special cars. Hopefully these “test mules” will avoid the crusher.

The M car display can be seen in the Museum’s lobby until July 27th, 2014.

We’ve also posted a capture of the development/testing feature video being played at the display.

04/12/2014    5:30 PM

BMW M3 and BMW M4 Inside (part 2): The new brake systems. Interview with M engineer Klaus Dullinger.

The BMW M3 and BMW M4 both feature a new type of brake system. Let us begin with the M compound brakes – what is special about them and in what ways do they differ from the M compound brakes installed in the previous model?

Klaus Dullinger: M compound brakes have a grey-cast friction ring in a floating arrangement that is connected by pins to the aluminium brake cover. The pin assembly means that as the temperature increases, it is able to expand freely in a radial direction and subsequently cool down again without any residual deformation. This connecting system has been in used since the second generation … CONTINUED

04/10/2014    5:40 PM

We’ll have a chance to sit down with the M3/M4 Project Manager at the 2014 New York Auto Show next week, so if you still have any questions on the M3/M4, please let us know here and we’ll try to get answers.

04/08/2014    9:35 PM

More photos of the BMW M4 Safety Car, this time with interior and undercarriage (BMW M Performance Exhaust) photos.

04/07/2014    10:48 AM

Remember these beautiful wallpapers featuring a white M4 driven by Bruno Spengler? Here’s a behind-the-scenes video which gives us some more glimpses at the M4 coupe in white.

04/06/2014    3:00 PM

The BMW M4 Safety Car is current at BMW of Austin being prepared for duty at the MotoGP of Austin Race at the Circuit of the Americas on April 11-13.

Check out some photos and videos of the M4 revving its BMW M Performance Exhaust.

04/05/2014    10:52 AM

The BMW M4 Coupé Safety Car equipped with the BMW M Performance titanium exhaust system.

04/04/2014    1:45 PM

Best look at yet a preproduction BMW M4 Coupe in Sakhir Orange!