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02/03/2014    12:45 PM

Short clip of Alpine White M4 Coupe F82 spotted in Germany (thanks to member Julian).

01/29/2014    4:40 PM

BMW has released the 2015 BMW M3 and M4 spec panels (the ones you see displayed at dealers and auto shows next to the cars). These sheets show us the model highlights, as well as confirming the options and packages for the U.S. M3/M4 models. Full pricing/ordering guides are forthcoming, so check back soon.

Packages include the Driver Assistance Plus (ZDB), Executive Package (ZEC) and Lighting Package (ZLP).

From the U.S. Military Price Estimates Guide, here are the descriptions of these packages.

Executive Package:
Head-Up Display
Comfort Access
Front and Rear Park Distance Control
Rear View Camera
Satellite Radio w/1 Year Sub in US
Heated Steering Wheel
Retractable Headlight Washers
Full Merino Leather

Driver Assist Plus: (Requires Executive Package)
Side and Top-View Cameras
Lane Departure Warning
Forward Collision Warning
Pedestrian Warning
City Collision Mitigation
Active Blind Spot Detection

Lighting Package
Full LED Lights
Automatic High … CONTINUED

01/29/2014    1:40 PM

Heave the best listen yet at the factory BMW M4 (F82) and M3 (F80) exhaust system yet.

01/27/2014    4:00 PM

The F80 M3 sedan and F82 M4 coupe have just made their European debut at the Brussels Auto Show.

We bring you the first photos!

01/27/2014    1:20 PM

Carsten Pries, the Director of Product at BMW M, recently had these comments to share at the Detroit Auto Show:

Electromechanical Power Steering Better Than Hydraulic?

This is the most exciting news to come from our interview. Surprised? You should be. And you probably should be skeptical until driving reviews come in but what we learned gets us excited. This is NOT the EPS that you have driven in other BMWs in the slightest. This is M’s version of EPS. New hardware, new software, new everything.


I think probably one of the misunderstandings is…if you have to adapt something that is there and try what you can get out of it. Then you may be limited in your possibilities but if you consider something right from the … CONTINUED

01/26/2014    6:45 PM

We’ve shown you plenty of Austin Yellow M4 photos from under the bright showlights at auto shows, but now have a good look at Austin Yellow under the natural lighting of the outdoors.

01/24/2014    5:30 PM

Latest video released from BMW M.

Nice onboard engine sound. The info on the m-Power.com website explains that DSC was switched off and that this was an inside look into the development process two years ago.

01/24/2014    2:15 PM

Different colored 2015 M3 sedans and M4 coupes continue showing up at various auto shows across the U.S..

Here we see a Mineral Grey F82 M4 coupe and Austin Yellow F80 M3 sedan at the Houston Auto Show.

01/24/2014    9:24 AM


This is the closest look you’ll get at the all-new BMW M3 and M4. They’re both very quick, very good looking and loaded with tech. We also got the opportunity to start them up and rev the new engine…