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12/25/2009    11:36 PM

It’s been some time since an M5 spotting, but this test F10 M5 was just spotted testing at the Nordschleife. The new M5 has been confirmed to have a turbocharged V8 as its powerplant.

11/13/2009    10:02 AM

Jon Sibal renders the latest speculation of the F10 M5, based on the now very revealing regular sedan spy photos and M5 spy photos. What a killer looking car!

11/11/2009    9:08 AM

Lumma and G-Power have teamed up to produce the E60 M5 based “CLR 730 RS LUMMA Design” boasting a supercharged 730hp

11/04/2009    8:50 PM

Latest details on the 2011 F10 M5, including debut date, V8 turbo engine, transmission, suspension, aerodynamics, and appearance.

10/31/2009    8:32 AM

The BMW M5 line had its 25th birthday this week and BMW has released this commemorative video featuring all M5 generations, as well as the special one-off CSL M5 we featured earlier this week. Enjoy.

Courtesy of bimmertoday.de

10/29/2009    3:59 PM

The automotive world has always known only two variants of the E34 M5 – sedan and touring… until now. As recently revealed to select journalists during a 25 year M5 celebration, BMW has actually also built a convertible E34 M5 and was all set to put it into production. Unforutnately, just a week prior to its scheduled Geneva debut, the powers that be at BMW nixed the convertible M5 out of fear that demand for non-M5 convertibles would eat into 3 series convertible sales.

I wonder what other secret cars BMW has built but is keeping inside its vault

Attachment 320346

Attachment 320347

10/28/2009    11:00 AM

A one-off lightweight E60 M5 CSL was unveiled today at BMWs Nurburgring based prototype workshop. This car was built to commemorate the 5-series 25th anniversary. Albert Biermann, BMW M divisions head of development summarized the car as "the M5 CSL we never built" (though we would have loved to see it earlier and available to the public). Source: Autocar via bimmerfile

Mechanical changes include a heavily tuned version of the M5s 5.0L V10 motor. The V10 motor has been enlarged with a longer stroke result in a total volume of 5.5L, which is the largest displacement ever featured in an official M car. The engine also now features a carbon fiber manifold, increased capacity … CONTINUED

10/09/2009    2:45 PM

Last week we posted a video of the M5 on the nubrugring. We now bring you a longer (and clearer sounding) video. Enjoy!

10/08/2009    10:58 AM

Looks like both the regular F10 5-series and the F10 M5 have been busy being tested in Germany. Latest pics as of 10/8/09.