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10/02/2009    7:26 AM

With the flurry of new spyshots last week of the upcoming 2011-2012 BMW M5 weve now gotten a great look at the shape of the M5s front end. Now the guys over at spyshots.nl have posted up some video to go along with the photos which give some perspective views of the car as it nails corners and hear the engine rev on the straights and powering out of turns. This car is nothing short of spectacular!

Follow the link below for the video!


09/23/2009    12:09 PM

Here are photos of the upcoming F10 M5 spotted for the first time without a camoflage suit, with only camoflage tape and a bumper covering.

09/17/2009    3:16 PM

Here it is folks! The F10 M5 front bumper design has finally been exposed! Borrowing heavily from the current M3, it looks right at home on the M5.

09/16/2009    12:39 PM

The first confirmed prototype for the next-generation BMW M5 has been spotted testing on the Nürburgring. A thin fabric bra covering the prototype’s front fascia can’t hide the clear M-style front-bumper design. With BMW M’s trademark quad exhaust set-up poking out from the rear bumper, and large, cross-drilled rotors accenting the beefed-up braking system, the prototype has all of the necessary ///M cues.

Reports still vary on what engine will power the next M5. Earlier reports spoke of increasing the displacement of today’s 5.0-liter V10 to 5.5-liters, perhaps augmented with turbocharging. With the arrival of the twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engines in the X5M and X6M, new reports suggest that this engine may be on tap for the next M5 and M6 as well. <br /><br />

Now that … CONTINUED

08/24/2009    6:56 AM

The boys over at spyshots.nl were tipped with these true interior snapshots of the upcoming M5. They actually went inside and snapped from the inside. Must be nice to get that close to the M5 this far from production! The exterior is still heavily armored and is no doubt hiding widebody upgrades as compared to the standard F10 5-Series.

The most recent rumors indicate that BMW is currently testing two versions of the M5 prototypes, one with a twin-turbo V8 and another with a V10 which is possibly twin-turbo as well! The decision on white powertrain will ultimatly go into the M5 is being made right now but in either case, the result should be nothing short of spectacular

08/15/2009    8:12 PM

Though no more cosmetically revealing, these photos show two F10 M5s in testing of both a V8 and V10 engine!

This is revealed to us by Scott26/7. However, which engine it will receive is not yet known. What a beast of a car this will be, regardless of which engine is chosen.

Attachment 296313

Attachment 296314

Attachment 296315

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07/01/2009    11:14 AM

Here are the latest photos of the upcoming 2011/2012 BMW M5 in further testing, as evidenced by the quad exhausts, flared fender work, massive brakes, and special wheels.

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08/04/2008    9:01 PM

Looks like the F10 M5 is already being tested on the nurburgring. Photos show it being shadowed by an E60 M5…. for comparative purposes

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