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06/25/2010    5:00 PM

We bring you the worlds first peek at the upcoming F12 M6 coupe! The telltale sign here are the quad exhausts. This prototype appears to wear camoflage body panels and the front bumper is that from the standard F12/F13 that weve seen. However, the wheels appear to be upgraded 19" versions with some beautiful high concavity.

The F12 M6 will share the same engine as the upcoming F10 M5 – the turbocharged 8 cylinder motor from the X5 and X6 M (the BMW S63 engine, a 4.4L twin turbo, twin scroll, direct injection), expected to come in at the 585-600hp mark.

Be sure to follow our complete 6-series Coverage and M6 … CONTINUED

06/23/2010    6:15 PM

We bring you the first ever video of the upcoming BMW M6, captured near the Nurburgring. Though the video is short, it nevertheless provides a dynamic look at the M6, not to mention a listen at the ~600hp V8 twin turbo motor. We hope these wheels are the eventual production wheels as they look terrific in motion!

06/01/2010    3:33 PM

BMW M division has launched the M Power Drivers Cup and M Power Circuit Training for BMW M owners, each of which lasts two days. Unfortunately for North American M enthusiasts, these two driving events appear to take place only in Germany. Hopefully some of our European members will participate and allow us to enjoy the experience vicariously.

04/01/2010    1:30 PM

Has BMW M lost its direction? Seem so according to Kay Segler, chief of BMW’s M brand. He has recently let on that the M brand needs to shift directions – to make M young again. Segler’s goal “is to go towards affordability and freshness.” More inside.

03/30/2010    7:41 AM

Autocar is claiming that the M6 will be no more when the next generation 6-series arrives. Instead, its role will be filled by a V8 sports car based on the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept, powered by the F10 M5′s twin turbo 4.4L V8, which will compete with the Audi R8 head on. This contradicts insider sources which have stated that the Vision ED car is not intended to compete with the R8.

03/22/2010    8:19 PM

This is the story of a dream come true. Mark Carson wanted a BMW M6 with Hawaiian Koawood in the interior. Together with BMW Individual he created his own, very special, BMW M6. These completely custom Individual cars are done for customers only once or twice a year.

03/07/2010    2:19 PM

After a two decade hiatus, Alpina returned to motorsports last year with the Alpina B6 GT. Here are some behind the scenes look at the Alpina B6 GT during its first racing season. Based on BMWs 6-Series coupe, the B6 weighs under 3,000 pounds and gets a supercharged 4.4-liter V8 that gives more than 520 horsepower and 535 pound-feet of torque.

Although non-German speaking folks may not be able to understand the conversation, sometimes race cars like the B6 GT are best observed by simply watching and listening to the action.

Backed by a six-speed X-Trac sequential gearbox, the car is reportedly capable of hitting 62 miles-per-hour in 3.9 seconds en route to a top whack of at least 177 … CONTINUED

10/19/2009    3:40 PM

Heres a BMW Individual Ontario Gold metallic with individual leather Merino bicolor in Gold Brown / Champagne with full contrast stitching. Interior trim in Hawaiian koa wood and floor mats in Champagne.

Attachment 316137

Attachment 316138

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Attachment 316142

09/15/2009    8:15 PM

These are the first photos of the stunning BMW M6 Competition Limited Edition in frozen gray metallic “matte finish”, unveiled at Frankfurt IAA today.