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09/06/2010    6:00 PM

E90POST / BIMMERPOST members organized and attended the SoFlo BMW Mega Meet this past Saturday, which was extremely successful, with over 60 cars in attendance! The event took place at Matheson Hammock Beach in Miami, a beautiful location right on the water. Event photos inside!

08/24/2010    8:20 PM

This past weekend over 170 BMWs attended one of Washington state’s largest BMW events – the BMW CCA M-Car Day. TONS of photos inside by Johnny Lin. Plenty of eye candy for fans of all BMW M generations.

08/22/2010    4:15 PM

1-series enthusiasts in Germany had a meet & spectacular drive this weekend. The meet took place around Bamberg and the convey then tore through picturesque Fränkische Schweiz (Little Swiss) area. In all, 17 1-series attended the meet and cruise. A ton of photos can be found inside.

08/18/2010    10:00 AM

If you’ll be in the NY – Long Island area on Sunday, September 12th, be sure to check out Bimmerstock 2010. The entire downtown of the city of Glen Cove, Long Island will be shut down for the event. Should be a fun event!

08/17/2010    2:40 PM

The ever growing M Club of China celebrated its 1 year anniversary with a cruise and meet. The full day event started with a group cruise, then came the meet at a Shanghai park, followed by paintballing in the afternoon, and some partying at night. Lunch and dinner was sponsored by local BMW dealers.

08/15/2010    11:48 AM

M3POST member Montoya drove from Portland, OR to Monterey, CA this weekend for the annual BMW CCA West Coast Summer Concours event, the first one to include Porsche and Mercedes-Benz clubs as participants as well. Check out his event photos inside.

08/08/2010    12:00 PM

Southern California is a hotbed of auto enthusiasts and one of our most active regions with respect to meets and greets. Here are some photos from a few recent SoCal events. Participate in a recent event? Post up those photos!

07/25/2010    5:00 PM

The M Flight Club attended M Fest Europe yesterday at the Mendig Airfield in Germany. The M Flight convoy was 20 M cars deep and consisted of members from Germany, Belgium, and Holland. The event was not a show-only affair, as there was also a road course available and a drifting competition. Photos from the event inside.

07/11/2010    4:30 PM

Bimmerpost members gathered for the BMW Meet Uptown Park yesterday in Houston, Texas. The star of the gathering was Navfaz’s newly matte black vinyl wrap E93 M3.