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10/22/2011    7:00 AM

Autocar UK is out of the gates with a short driving review of the new MINI Coupe JCW.

The review itself is a mixed bag with compliments given for the car’s steering and body rigidity as well as the unique interior and exterior elements. The mixed bag part comes in the fact that Autocar wasn’t a fan of the suspension as it was deemed to harsh.

07/02/2011    10:00 PM

As MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD makes its European debut this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, MINI announces UK pricing for the stunning car which blends Rolls Royce luxury with the unmistakble MINI driving experience.

From 30th June 2011 customers will be able to place their order for one of just 1,000 MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD models priced at £41,000. The first of these unique cars will be delivered in March 2012.

MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD is the result of an exceptional collaboration between MINI and the Rolls Royce Motors Cars design team. The special edition MINI features top-grade materials and the highest level of workmanship.

The exterior and interior design features, were conceived at the Rolls-Royce Design division in the Sussex town of Goodwood … CONTINUED

06/21/2011    11:00 AM

More MINI Coupe news this AM, with the release of the first video of the car. A fresh new perspective is now available by seeing the car in motion. What do you think?

06/16/2011    9:25 AM

Last week, MINI gave everyone a preview of the new Coupe with only light camoflage, but now, some intreprid photogs have caught the new coupe in the flesh, out of the factory and with no masking what-so-ever.

Everything here is as expected, which is a good thing. It means MINI stuck close to the script which was written back when the original concept first came out.

These two photos from CAR Magazine, show the sporty MINI with production paint and the typical MINI stripes, these extra features really let the car go that extra mile. In the first photo you can also make out the retractable spoiler, which is nicely integrated onto the production vehicle.

Expect the MINI Coupe in or around October 2011!

Source: CAR Magazine

06/13/2011    11:02 AM

Last week, BMW made the announcement that £500 million would be directed towards it’s MINI brand plant in Oxford. Such a large investment would guarantee MINI’s homebase would stay planted in the UK.

MINI currently operates an assembly plant in Oxford, a pressing factory in Swindon and engine factors at Hams Hall.

The purpose of such a large investment is of course the next generation line of MINI vehicles. MINI has become a jewel in BMW’s portfolio, helping the company weather the recent financial storm. So its no surprise that BMW continue to invest large capital into the brand to keep it as vibrant as ever.

The next generation of MINI vehicles is going to begin trickling in starting at the later part of this year. The first … CONTINUED

06/06/2011    9:00 AM

MINI is expanding its product family with the launch of a model geared squarely to maximising driving fun.

The MINI Coupé indulges the keen driver with a level of agility unmatched in the small car segment, along with a unique body and interior concept and the brand’s customary commitment to premium levels of quality and equipment. The first two-seater in its line-up sees MINI not only breathe new life into its successful racing history but also provide a shot in the arm for the super-compact sports car class. The selection of engines, chassis set-up, weight distribution and aerodynamic properties of the MINI Coupé are all focused on delivering optimum performance. As a result, the new car radiates the brand’s hallmark go-kart feeling with a whole new … CONTINUED

06/02/2011    11:10 AM

The next generation MINI is slated to arrive for 2013 and these are the first photos of the new model, out and about undergoing initial public road testing.

The new MINI is being co-developed with parent company BMW, under the new chassis code F56 (moving away from the ‘R’ chassis which may be sold to SAAB). The F56 is part of BMW’s broader platform sharing strategy that sees this new MINI on the same FWD platform as certain BMW 1-Series variants and a rumored BMW Z2 roadster.

The platform itself is labelled as ‘UKL’. But don’t let the idea of platform sharing fool you, this is being done to shave off costs in tight economic conditions, not to make the MINI more BMW like, or vice-versa. What these … CONTINUED

05/25/2011    9:50 AM

Dean and Dan Caten, better known as the Canadian designer duo DSQUARED², unveil their exclusive Life Ball MINI 2011 in Vienna on May 21st. The twin brothers refashioned their MINI Cooper S to ensure that it would be armed for adventures of all kinds. Among its striking features are the front guard, rally headlamps, tinted side windows with grilles and the spare tyre on the tailgate. But that’s not all: the vehicle’s raised chassis and deep-tread all-terrain tyres instantly evoke a sense of adventure. When it came to the interior, our two designers similarly scrutinised every detail. If road signs are unclear, there’s a compass to help you head in the right direction, while floormats made of structured aluminium sheeting protect the inside from dirt. The … CONTINUED