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09/08/2010    1:09 PM

This is the story of a very unconventional parking adventure. All members of the MINI family have just gotten a sharp new look (facelift), and this TV spot is a classic cat and mouse involving them engaged in a little sibling rivalry. Watch it now.

09/07/2010    10:45 PM

BMW has plans for a product push over the next decade to ward off increasing Audi and Mercedes sales. This will be accomplished through the addition of new models to the BMW lineup, including the 4dr 6-series Gran Coupe, BMW FWD vehicles, new MINI vehicles, added factory capacities and new plants, and increasing sales in the world’s largest growing car market – China.

09/07/2010    1:00 AM

The newest and largest MINI model – the Countryman is set to launch in the UK market on Sep. 18, 2010. The Countryman will be the first MINI to have 4-doors, seat 5 adults and offer four wheel drive (AWD). The MINI Countryman will be available in seven models, two of which will offer ALL4, MINI’s new four wheel drive option. Countryman offers more space, more practicality and more versatility than any MINI before and it will also spearhead MINI’s return to the World Rally Championship in 2011.

“Countryman takes the MINI story to a new level in the brand’s 51 year heritage” said Jochen Goller, Director of MINI UK. “With extra space, ALL4 and four doors we believe the MINI Countryman will appeal to … CONTINUED

09/04/2010    8:00 AM

MINI has launched its Countryman advertising campaign, consisting of these first few print ads and TV commercials. The four new, 15-second TV commercials take the versatility of the new MINI Countryman and show it off in a handful of slick and smart short films. The key to the MINI Countryman is how good it is for bridging the gap between urban and country life. The new claim,

09/02/2010    3:15 PM

Autocar.uk has published a rendering of the upcoming Mini Sport Activity Coupe (or what some have dubbed the Countryman Coupe or Mini X6).

According to Scott26, “Such a vehicle is being worked on which will be seen soon as a Concept.”

The idea for the Mini Sporty Activity Coupe comes in response to Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque, with its two-door coupe styling and configuration. According to Autocar, if the Mini SAC makes production, it would hit the market around 2013, in a 4 door layout (rear doors being suicide doors to maintain the coupe-ish shape and form). Compared to the Countryman, it would have shorter rear overhangs and shorter side windows.

01/20/2010    8:18 AM

Now it’s official the MINI Cooper S Countryman pictures and information are out! Follow the jump to MINIForum for all the photos and information…

01/19/2010    12:44 PM

Surpirse of the day. Real photos of the upcoming MINI countryman leaked to the web today. Seems like this is the week of leaks. These three photos are spreading pretty fast this morning, so we wonder if BMW will move the release of the full photo collection forward more?

10/02/2009    11:44 PM

MINI is planning an interesting advertising plan for October, you can mosey on down to miniforum.com to see the graphics for the upcoming advertising campaign.

09/19/2009    4:02 PM

The first MINI Crossman Concept car appeared at the Paris show last year and created a big buzz online. Since then BMW has been flaunting this test car all over as it prepares the production ready version of the car. Im happy BMW are properly tuning the car at the Nurburgring and giving it the chops it needs to be a proper MINI.