03/15/2014     3:00 PM

The lucky folks over at Motor Trend get a chance to drive the upcoming X5 eDrive plug in, follow the link to their full article, but here are some select quotes:

You might be asking what it’s good for, other than silently cruising the Whole Foods parking lot. The idea is to be able to recapture some of the energy normally thrown away while braking and return it in the opposite direction. (Think of it in the same way Formula 1 uses its Kinetic Energy Recovery System.) It works fantastically for that.
With nearly six times the capacity of the current Activehybrids, the X5 eDrive Plug-in will have a full electric range of about 18 miles and a top speed north of 70 mph, and will … CONTINUED

03/15/2014     2:00 PM

Herbert Diess, BMW Board Member for Research and Development revealed plans to reduce the number of platforms that BMW and MINI will use for their vehicles to just two. One for Front-wheel drive (FWD) cars and a second for Rear-wheel drive (RWD) cars. To put this into perspective, Many many years ago, BMW would actually develop each and every car as its own separate platform, and went as far as to mock the concept of platform-sharing. Of course, time and economics change. Today, BMW shares its cars and SAVs across 5 platforms.

As BMW customers and fans, we’ve gotten a good look at the FWD platform, which underpins the new MINI as well as the upcoming 2-Series Active Tourer. The next G chassis BMWs will … CONTINUED

03/15/2014     12:30 PM

Car Throttle reviews the BMW M235i in Spain and calls it the most intoxicating coupe you can buy currently.

03/14/2014     4:20 PM

Autoexpress asks whether the M235i coupe is the new E36 M3.

03/14/2014     1:50 PM

Just a few weeks after its official launch, the new BMW M4 DTM [Official Details] now has three new looks. As well as the BMW M Performance Parts M4 DTM, which Martin Tomczyk (DE) will drive in the 2014 season, the first images of the cars to be driven by Joey Hand (US), Bruno Spengler (CA) and Timo Glock (DE) have now been released.

Three of last year’s four driver/car pairings remain unchanged. Tomczyk will continue to take to the track in the iconic BMW Motorsport design for premium partner BMW M Performance Parts. “White with blue and red stripes: those are the classic BMW Motorsport colours. I am very proud to appear in this design for the third year in a row,” said the … CONTINUED

03/14/2014     11:45 AM

I was able to walk the floor of the Geneva auto show during set-up day prior to the official press days. I was amazed that the official opening was just the next day as there was lots of work to do at most of the stands! I was shocked. In typical (German) fashion all the German car maker stands were finished. Some of the “other” stands did not even have any cars there. It was very interesting to walk around and see who was ready and who was not. One thing was for sure… it would be a really late work night for the work crews at Geneva.

Please excuse the photo quality of my pics. Cameras weren’t allowed before the official press days, so … CONTINUED

03/14/2014     10:39 AM

With the 12 Hours of Sebring USC (United SportsCar Championship) race set to take place tomorrow, BMW has posted a video providing a lap through time, which flips through photos of its Motorsport history.

The newest model to join BMW Motorsports will be the BMW M4 DTM car which did not make it into this video, but will begin racing in this year’s DTM race series. The M4 DTM will make its first public appearances at the official ITR tests in Budapest (HU, 31st March – 3rd April) and then at the final test in Hockenheim (DE, 14th – 17th April). The 2014 DTM season starts on May 4, 2014 at Hockenheim.

03/13/2014     9:45 PM

Another funny clip from the guys at Car Throttle. This time they give 7 reasons why you need an E46 M3 :)

03/13/2014     4:01 PM

A humorous look at 8 Cool Features You Can Find on a BMW M5.

03/13/2014     1:20 PM

In a recent BMW M235i commercial [see all], the M235i is seen performing a spin maneuver while backing away from and then leading a BMW 2002 (symbolizing a passing of the proverbial torch).

To show that the maneuver seen in the commercial was real (not CGI generated) and also possible with the 8 speed auto transmission, BMW invited two stunt drivers to recreate the action.

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