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G-Power Teases 6XX Horsepower F10 M5
The BMW F10 M5 has joined the stable of G-Power, a BMW tuner which has turned out some of the most potent BMWs in recent years. And they now have their energies directed a BMW M's newest flagship sedan. They've teased their upcoming G-Power F10 M5 ... CONTINUED
12.7.11 | Comments (26)

G-Power Announces 720hp Supercharged E92 M3 Tornado RS
Press Release: The most powerful BMW M3 in the world: G-POWER M3 TORNADO RS with 720hp Supercharged V8. After the 635hp-strong G-POWER M3 GTS caused a stir with the trade press and automobile enthusiasts, G-POWER unleashes another technical tour de force with its most recent creation ... CONTINUED
09.28.11 | Comments (71)

CLP Unveils 592HP Widebody M3 GT Interceptor
German tuning company, CLP Automotive, has unveiled its BMW M3 GT Interceptor, based off the M3 GTS. The CLP M3 GT features upgrades all around - aerodynamics, power, and handling. The M3 GT Interceptor features a widebody kit with carbon fiber front bumper, hood, fenders with brake ... CONTINUED
09.6.11 | Comments (40)

Video: G-Power M3 GTS Sights and Sounds From Hockenheim
The recently unveiled G-Power M3 GTS shows off a bit in these videos from its testing runs at Hockenheim. This super-GTS would go on to set a laptime at the Hockenheim track of 1.11,8 min. The G-Power M3 GTS features: 635 hp / 467 kW @ ... CONTINUED
05.25.11 | Comments (35)

G-Power BMW M3 GTS Released with 635hp. Runs Hockenheim in 1.11,8
G-POWER has released its M3 GTS with SK II "Sporty Drive" supercharger system, billed as the world's most powerful BMW M3 GTS to date. A version of the G-POWER M3 "Sporty Drive" supercharger system, adapted specifically for the BMW M3 GTS raises the standard output ... CONTINUED
05.20.11 | Comments (56)

G-Power M3 GTS Update: Good for 720hp
The first three G-power M3 GTS have arrived and their engine displacements have been bored to an increase of 10% and rebuilt with low-compression forged pistons. This extra displacement, combined with a specially tuned version of their SK II CS supercharger system, has resulted in 720hp! ... CONTINUED
03.31.11 | Comments (61)

G-Power M3 GTS to Get Over 600HP
G-Power, builder of some monster BMWs, has announced its plans to spec up the already lethal M3 GTS over 600hp through the use of its G-POWER’s SK II CS supercharger system. They will be working with a total of three M3 GTS, quite impressive considering only ... CONTINUED
01.21.11 | Comments (61)

Meet the 789hp G-Power BMW M6 Hurricane RR
G-Power has released its BMW M6 Hurricane RR which they claim to be the world's fastest 4-seater coupe. Its V10 produces a whopping 800 PS (789 bhp) and reaches a top speed of more than 370 kph (230 mph). G-Power uses the record-setting engine already ... CONTINUED
11.11.10 | Comments (54)

G-Power X5M Typhoon Gets Power Bump to 725 HP
As if the factory X5 M power output and aero kit wasn't aggressive enough, G-Power has now released its even bigger wide body kit and tuning package for the X5M. Thanks to optimized air flow and up to 15% more cooling, the G-POWER body kit ... CONTINUED
09.10.10 | Comments (27)

G-POWER M5 Hurricane RR hits 231mph / 372kmh speed record
Tuner G-Power has announced a World's Fastest Sedan record with its E60 M5 G-Power Hurricane RR hitting a top speed of 231 mph (372 kmh), same top speed as the McLaren F1. The car achieved this with its 800hp / 590tq twin-supercharged V10 engine!
08.14.10 | Comments (36)