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G-Power BMW M3 GT2 S First Drive
InsideLine has gotten some wheel time behind the drool-icious G-Power M3 GT2 S and has put up not only a comprehensive first drive report but a nice photo gallery to go along with it. Here are some excerpts but make sure to follow the jump ... CONTINUED
07.6.10 | Comments (6)

600hp G-Power M3 GT2 S and M3 Tornado CS clubsport racers unveiled
G-Power has revealed two 600hp cars to honor the BMW Motorsports Team for the win at the 2010 24 Hours of Nurburgring endurance race. According to G-Power, the M3 GT2 S offers a Porsche 911 GT3 RS equivalent for BMW fans and the M3 Tornado CS ... CONTINUED
05.24.10 | Comments (35)

M Flight club's trip to G-Power in Germany!
Added more pics 03/28/2010Today M Flight took a trip to G-Power in Germany. There was about 30 M cars, mostly E9x M3, one M5, few E46 M3, and one E36 M3. We went to the heart of G-Power, ... CONTINUED
03.29.10 | Comments (76)

G-Powers creations are never short on power and its latest production, the "Storm," a 760i with 725hp (@5500rpm) and 738lb-ft torque (@2000rpm) certainly does not buck that trend! G-Power was to achieve these monster numbers by boosting the 6.0L V12 bi-turbos boost to .9 bar, ... CONTINUED
02.24.10 | Comments (34)

G-Power Typhoon Black Pearl pushing out 625hp
Supercharged V8 (ASA supercharger)6-Speed Automatic transmission625HP700Nm torqueTop Speed 300km/h0-100km/h in 4.5sHood with design in carbon fiber towards air ventilationCosmetic modifications available in CF or more resiliant PU-Rim23" Wheels (11" F and 12" R)Shod with massive 315/25 23 ... CONTINUED
01.28.10 | Comments (11)

G-POWER X5 M and X6 M TYPHOON with 600 hp and over 300 km/h V/max
The X6M and X5M already come with prodigious power and aggressive styling but G-Power couldnt resist tweaking some more. The result are "Typhoon" versions of each that boasts 600hp and able to hit speeds of over 300 km/h!G-POWER X5 ... CONTINUED
12.11.09 | Comments (19)

E60 M5 based
Lumma and G-Power have teamed up to produce the E60 M5 based “CLR 730 RS LUMMA Design” boasting a supercharged 730hp
11.11.09 | Comments (52)

G-POWER breathes life back into BMW M54 6-cylinder engine (E46 330i / E85 Z4)
The 231hp M54 engine from the E46 330i & E85/E86 Z4 3.0 is getting a boost (to 306hp) from G-POWER's SK Plus NG supercharger system.
09.25.09 | Comments (20)

G-Power begins work on the BMW E89 Z4
Well, of course every tuner is getting on board with the new Z4 and who can blame them. The car is sexy, stylish and the perfect platform to show off what your company can do for a BMW. Unfortunatly, everyone wants to be onboard with a new car ... CONTINUED
06.12.09 | Comments (10)

Experience the high revving power of a 600+hp G-power Supercharged M3
Wonder what it feels like to be behind a 600+hp supercharged M3? Unfortunately this is the closest most of us will get. Read the rest of this article, view the photos and make comments here ==>
06.12.09 | Comments (56)