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Breaking: BMW M235i Uncovered!
Here is the M235i coupe, fully uncovered (save for the covering on the back). But, nearly the entire car is revealed here! Non-fans of the F20 1 Series front design with its in-your-face headlights and blunt nose look will appreciate the much sportier 2 series coupe ... CONTINUED
05.15.13 | Comments (334)

M135i Owners Tour North Wales
From 1ADDICTS member and M135i owner mjh93sa: From 1ADDICTS member and M135i owner mjh93sa: With increasing numbers of the M-Lite on the road, and ever more people taking delivery it seemed that is was time to put together a meet with the aim of getting a few ... CONTINUED
05.12.13 | Comments (40)

AC Schnitzer M135i Tuned to 360 HP [Video]
AC Schnitzer tunes the M135i hatchback to 360 HP. The extra power drops the 0-100kmh (0-62mph) time from 4.9 seconds to 4.7 seconds and the 80-180kmh time from 12.9 seconds to 10.8 seconds. Here's a video demo.
05.9.13 | Comments (36)

BMW M235i Seen in Valencia Orange. Gives Preview of Front End Styling [+ Render]
The BMW M235i coupe continues testing on the Nurburgring, this time in Valencia Orange. While this prototype remains in the same level of camouflage as previously sighted prototypes, it does give us a glimpse at the M235i's front end design. What the M235i reveals through the ... CONTINUED
05.8.13 | Comments (52)

BMW M135i Bests Boxster for Top Gear Magazine Sports Car of the Year
The F20 / F21 M135i hatchback recently edged out the Porsche Boxster to garner Top Gear Magazine's Sports Car of the Year award. See how the M135i accomplishes that inside.
05.8.13 | Comments (41)

Video: E92 M3 vs M135i Around the Ring
Watch the E92 M3 vs the M135i hatchback on the Nurburgring, from both perspectives - each as a chase and lead car.
04.29.13 | Comments (87)

Video: M135i Exhausts Compared - Factory, M Performance, Bastuck
M135i exhaust comparo put together by 1ADDICTS members, comparing the factory exhaust, BMW M Performance exhaust, and Bastuck exhaust.
04.26.13 | Comments (37)

First BMW M235i Coupe On Track Footage
We've given you live action looks of the M235i and 228i during winter testing, now have a look at the M235i coupe undergoing testing at the Nurburgring this week. The M235i mule is seen in Estoril Blue II and shares its wheels, M Sport brakes, and ... CONTINUED
04.19.13 | Comments (42)

First Clear Look at Interior of BMW 2 Series (F22) - M235i Coupe
We give you the first clear look at the interior of the F22 BMW 2 Series (M235i) coupe. As the 2 Series lineup is based off the current F20/F21 1 Series hatchbacks, it comes as no surprise that the interiors are nearly identical. Interior As this is ... CONTINUED
04.16.13 | Comments (87)

A most unusual comparison.  Autocar stacks up the Mini Paceman JCW against the BMW M135i
Although the comparison is unexpected, its very well done! And as expected our M135i continues to steamroll and draw up the accolades from the motoring press.
04.12.13 | Comments (21)