01/21/2014     12:00 PM

The 4 Series Gran Coupe (F36) is now under two months away from its world debut at the Geneva auto show and we’ve got some pics from a recent sighting for you.

We recently posted the 2014 BMW 435i Gran Coupe Dealer Order Guide (released to U.S. dealers for the ordering of their launch/ demo cars). As before, this list should generally be reflective of what options will be available for customer cars, though it may not be all-inclusive.

Also revealed recently were the 4 Series Gran Coupe patent design images, which give us a clear look at what to expect under the remaining camouflage. One thing the patent drawings doesn’t reveal to the eye is that the 4 Series Gran Coupe will be a hatchback.


01/21/2014     10:50 AM

The legend is back: Alessandro Zanardi (IT) will be back in the cockpit on a regular basis in 2014, and will once again do battle for BMW Motorsport out on the racetrack. Zanardi will race in the Blancpain GT Sprint Series behind the wheel of a BMW Z4 GT3, which has been specially modified to meet his unique requirements and will be run by the ROAL Motorsport team.

The 47-year-old lost both legs in a serious crash while racing in 2001, but overcame his disability to return to motorsport. Among other things, Zanardi drove for BMW in the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), where he stood on the top step of the podium on four occasions. Having won two gold medals on his handbike … CONTINUED

01/20/2014     9:00 PM

Check out this fully M Performance Parts equipped 4 series just delivered to a BIMMERPOST member.

01/20/2014     1:40 PM

I’ve just returned from Las Vegas where I spent a day sampling the new M235i coupe [Official Thread] and the 4 series convertible at the international media launch. I was there representing BIMMERPOST! I got to drive the M235i on the street and at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in both the oval and the infield configurations. The 435i convertible was driven on the street only.

This post will focus primarily on the M235i’s driving experience. I will also be producing a video review in the coming weeks.

A quick intro about my perspective: I’m a long time BMW enthusiast and have owned both the E39 M5 and more recently, my silverstone E90 M3 Sedan in 6 speed. You may remember me from the Porsche Roadshow … CONTINUED

01/20/2014     11:15 AM

Autoexpress reports that a BMW insider they spoke to at the M235i launch in Las Vegas last week let on that the BMW M2 “makes a lot of sense.” In addition, a “source” confirmed that a road-going version of the M235i Racing (a track-only customer race car) was considered for production, but this plan was nixed so as not to “step on the toes of something else higher up the range.” The source added that this refers to a new M car. The article goes on to speculate about pricing and other technical aspects, but that is purely guesswork at this point.

Our resident BMW insider, Scott26, has recently had this to add about a potential BMW M2.

The time frame between M4 Coupe and M2 … CONTINUED

01/20/2014     10:45 AM

With this BMW TV series you can get a closer look at the BMW i8. This time you can get more information about the Aerodynamics of the BMW i8.

01/19/2014     10:04 PM

Photos of the 2015 BMW M4 and M3 at the Montreal Auto Show.

01/19/2014     3:00 PM

This preproduction BMW i8 was just spotted crashed on the A92 in Germany. Driving the BMW hybrid halo sports car was a 30 year old BMW test driver and excessive speed was cited by the police as a factor in the accident. The car was traveling “a little bit too fast,” Police Chief Commissioner Nicholas Bishop suspects.

The i8 first crashed into the median barrier, and was then flung across the roadway, coming to a stop in the right lane. Fortunately, the test driver was unharmed. But, this i8 may have seen its last days of testing.

01/18/2014     8:30 PM

Hi everyone,

I represented BIMMERPOST at the press launch of the BMW M235i at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Here are some images I took of the M235i Racing and M235i Performance Parts cars at the launch.

I had a chance to inspect the body parts up close and I would say the quality is excellent. All of the body fitments had tight, consistent gaps, and the look was aggressive and polished. [M Performance Parts details]

The M235i Racing car [official thread] was also very interesting to look at. Its blistered fenders remind me of the E30 M3 and the M hood stripes look fantastic.

Stay tuned for the full review of the M235i and the 4 series convertible, including driving impressions!

01/18/2014     6:12 PM

A new 2002? Behind the wheel of the M235i

By Jens Meiners, BIMMERPOST Contributor

If there is a single car that has put BMW on the map with enthusiasts in the USA, it is the 2002. Derived from the “New Class” mid-size sedan, it became the quintessential compact sports sedan. In 1975, it was replaced by the 3-series – a worthy successor initially, but a car that has become remarkably large over the years. In fact, the current 3-series is almost as long and tall as the E3 luxury sedan, and it is actually wider. There is plenty of room to reinvent the 2002 – which the company has done a few years ago with the 1-series coupe and now with its successor, the 2-series [Official … CONTINUED

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