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Review: BMW M135i an Obvious Winner Over Lancer Evolution, WRX STI and VW Golf R
Caradvice of Australia reviews the BMW M135i against a group of small sports sedans and hatchback - the Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Volkswagen Golf R. Who comes out on top? They call the M135i an "obvious winner."
04.8.13 | Comments (51)

First BMW M135i Owners Meet Takes Place in Hong Kong
Here is the first M135i owners meet by 1ADDICTS members, taking place in Hong Kong. The group gathered to share in their common ownership and to see various options and colors in person. The cars here represented 4 of the 6 colors available on the ... CONTINUED
03.31.13 | Comments (29)

NYIAS 2013: the Newly Here and the Nearly Gone - M6 Coupe and 135is Coupe
These two desirable BMW coupes are on exhibit at the 2013 NY auto show, with the F13 M6 coupe representing the newly here while the 135is coupe is on its way out. This black sapphire metallic M6 is the flagship BMW M coupe with its 560hp ... CONTINUED
03.28.13 | Comments (21)

BMW M135i Tuned by Sportec, Up to 370 HP
Making its debut at the 2013 Geneva motor show is this M135i F21 hatchback, by Swiss tuner, Sportec. Sportec's tuning program offers two stages. The first stage includes software tuning only, which upgrades the M135i's N55 power output to 355 hp (from the factory 315 hp). ... CONTINUED
03.10.13 | Comments (29)

BMW i8 Sounding Good in First Ride Along Video. Will Get Active Sound Design to Enhance Interior Sound
First interior listen and view of the sensations in the i8, during a ride along by EVO. Towards the end of the clip, it's confirmed that the i8 will receive the same Active Sound Design from recent models such as the F10 M5 and M135i to ... CONTINUED
02.26.13 | Comments (77)

Good Look at BMW 2 Series Coupe (F22) vs. Convertible (F23) Mules. No 235i Coming - M235i Only
We've previously posted photos of the 2 Series coupe (F22) and convertible (F23) testing, but we've not spotted them testing together, giving us a great look at how the two models compare visually. The F22 coupe seen here is a M235i model judging by the blue ... CONTINUED
02.13.13 | Comments (53)

BMW M135i Hooning in Feature Video
Fun M135i video feature by Autogespot, with some nice production quality and hoonage, showing off the first petrol M Performance Automobile's acceleration, drifting, and control.
02.13.13 | Comments (18)

BMW M6 and M135i Named Finalists for 2013 World Performance Car Award
The countdown has begun in preparation for the 2013 World Car Awards winners' press conference hosted by the New York International Auto Show and Bridgestone Corporation on Thursday, March 28, 2013. The 2013 World Car of the Year, World Performance Car, World Green Car and ... CONTINUED
02.1.13 | Comments (25)

Top Gear Hong Kong: BMW 1M vs. M135i Short Drag Race
Top Gear HK (Hong Kong) pits the 320hp M135i versus the 340hp 1M Coupe in a drag race. The M135i puts in an impressive performance over the 150 meter race.
01.29.13 | Comments (58)

384HP Versus Performance M135i on Hockenheimring and Bastuck Exhaust Testing
Sport Auto's Christian Gebhardt in the BMW M135i by Versus Performance with 384hp (factory M135i has 320hp). Laptime Hockenheim and acceleration 0-259 km/h High Speed with Michelin Cup tires. Bonus video clip of the M135i fitted with Bastuck Exhaust System.
01.8.13 | Comments (23)