01/17/2011     3:25 PM

Only 30 minutes ago, BMW has just updated their official pages for the new 1-Series coupe and cabriolet and released a few new Wallpapers as part of the new pages. We’ve collected them up here for your use in our official thread. Enjoy!

01/17/2011     2:00 PM

It seems like its all 6, all the time, recently doesn’t in? Its true, we’ve been showing alot of 6-Series pictures recently, but thats because BMW has been kind enough to parade around its new big coupe in a few different colors and trims. To recap, the coupe was recently spotted in Vermillion Red and Deep Sea Blue.

Now what we have before us is the new Coupe in Alpine White, with standard body trim, ie. no M-Sport. This appears to be the top of the class 650i, given away by its dual square exhausts out the rear and large 19 or 20″ alloy wheels, which are unbelievable. The beautifully proportioned car is everything you would expect it to be on the heels of the officially released … CONTINUED

01/17/2011     12:30 PM

Forced induction is everywhere it seems. From BMWs standpoint, those turbos go a long way to reducing fuel consumption while keeping the power right where we want it, so its a no brainer for them. But as we all know, the aftermarket gives a damn about efficiency and the use of turbos is meant for one thing only. POWER.

Manhart’s BITURBO monster setup is the same as we’ve seen published previously here and here and here and here. The difference here is that its now been driven and tested by professional journalists.

Just to recap the basic idea is this: Take the FI engine from the X5M/X6M, transplant it into the E92 M3, do some ECU work and then throw on a new exhaust. This is a … CONTINUED

01/17/2011     9:59 AM

Well, during the Detroit Autoshow, Autoblog got to ask Dr. Kay Segler a few questions about the 1M. The main topic of the conversation seems to have revolved around the affordability of the car, and how the 1M is the least expensive car BMW M has ever sold.

But what I found most interesting is Autoblog reporting that Dr. Segler definitively confirmed the BMW 1M is not limited in overall production numbers. He did qualify the statement by saying, “But they will be hard to get.”

There you have it, no production limit.

01/17/2011     9:15 AM

Here’s more coverage on the impressive BMW Alpina B7, courtesy of drivesTV. Judging by the video description, they had tons of fun: “Amazing that a four-door sedan can put a smile that big on your face. If only there were longer roads and fewer rules.” Enjoy!

01/17/2011     8:50 AM

And so it continues, the stream of Alpina B7 tests. This one is from Car and Driver and was actually published back in September, but it seemed fitting given the handful of B7 tests and videos that were published this past weekend.

Car and Driver’s report is geared towards the fact finders amongst us. Its very clear and to the point with gobs of detail on the car. I personally liked the review as I could find any piece of information I wanted to know in it. This is a short take road test, so don’t expect a long writeup with too many personal opinions, however.

Source / Full Review: Car and Driver

01/16/2011     8:00 PM

We’ve previously reported on InsideLine’s First Drive of the Alpina B7. Now it seems the press has gotten their Full test reviews out the door.

I have to say I really like this article. While to any true BMW fan, the name Alpina should be nothing new, and has become synonymous with a mix of oppulance and speed, something akin to BMW’s version of AMG (atleast of yore). The analogy becomes more realistic when one consider’s Alpina’s Penchant for automatic transmissions. But back to the article, what I really love about this one is that this one gives a healthy sprinkling of Alpina family history, to help the unindoctinated along for the ride.

Edmunds tells us almost as much about Andreas Bovensiepen, the founder of Alpina … CONTINUED

01/16/2011     3:33 PM

The first MINIFORUM owner to take delivery of his Countryman so far is polojankins. His particular example is a beautifully setup black on black number that has me loving this Countryman more and more. I was lucky enough to see this car in the metal back at the Paris autoshow, and in person its a perfectly proportioned car, true to the MINI brand. But now in black, it adds an extra bit of ‘mean’ to the traditionally happy MINI brand. Congrats polojankins!

01/16/2011     3:30 PM

Edmunds’ InsideLine has published their full review of the new 2011 X3 xDrive35i, equipped with the N55 3.0L turbocharged engine that is becoming ubiquitous across the BMW lineup.

InsideLine starts of their article with these words:
“Stop, wait, shudder, silent, check.
Stop, wait, shudder, silent, check.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.”

Certainly scary to read in a NEW car review. When I saw that I thought I was in for one piss poor review. It turns out what they cleverly highlighted was a feature in the new X3 that will be missing from US spec cars (but maybee shouldn’t be), namely start-stop technology.

Regardless, InsideLine didn’t seem as happy with the X3, as they usually love BMWs. Reading the article, I wonder if their distasteful Beverly Hills surroundings had anything to … CONTINUED

01/16/2011     6:00 AM

Here are the best photos yet of the Alpine White 1M Coupe, courtesy of forum member Rob Shaw from the Brussels Motor Show. These high quality hi-res photos show as much details as we have seen of the white 1M coupe. Rob, an M3 owner remarked how the seats are very comfortable and sporty – like M3 seats.

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